George Clark:

The Scene of Death and Disaster for Two Years.
Mysterious Chain of Crimes Committed at the Rowe Home
- An Unfortunate Locality.

     On last Thursday evening John Rowe, colored, shot and wounded George Clark, another negro, at Rowe's home on Bird creek. The two men had some misunderstanding about some money Rowe owed Clark. It is said that Clark flourished a razor and threatened to kill Rowe, when the latter fired a load of heavy shot at a distance of ten feet, the charge taking effect in Clark's right shoulder. Some wadding and several pieces of bone were removed, leaving a hole in the shoulder two inches in diameter.
     On the 20th of last March Clark participated in an all-round fight at Elgin, Kas., in which he received injuries that caused the amputation of his left arm above the elbow. His body is covered with old scars.
     The shooting of George Clark occurred at the former home of Lewis Wright, colored, who was shot and killed on February 20th, 1898, by Lewis Scott also colored, over a dispute about a claim. Wright was chopping wood about a mile and half from his home on land claimed by Scott, when he was shot from ambush. His body was found next day. Evidence pointed to the guilt of Scott, who after some delay, was tried and acquitted upon some technicality. On the 25th of last may, Rowe's mother, an aged negress, died in the same house. Tulsa Democrat Newspaper, 26 Jan 1900, pg 2, col 5

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