Doughdie Mitchel

Resolutions: Whereas our little friend, Doughdie Mitchel, was a faithful scholar of our Sunday School, always evinicng a great deal of interest, for a child of her age, being only 6 years old when our Heavenly Father whom she was always taught to love, took her to join the blessed Sabbath school above where she awaits papa, mama, brothers and sisters to join her and a little brother and sister who preceded her to the mansions of light. Therefore, be it resolved: First, in her death our school sustains a loss which is keenly felt; Second, that we tender to the bereaved parents, brothers and sisters our heartfelt sympathy in this dark hour of sorrow. Third, that we urge every member of our school to be always found at their post of duty, so that when God calls them from time to eternity they may join the company of the redeemed of God and be happy forever; and, Fourth, that copies of these resolutions be given for publication, to the Indian Republican, The Tulsa Democrat and the Indian-Okla Methodist. Gussie Puritt; Febie Matthewson; Mettie Gibson; Ada Allen - Committee. Tulsa Democrat Newspaper, 13 Jan 1900, pg 13, col 3

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