Dan Smith

     Jim Raines went to Muskogee from McLain and surrendered to the federal authorities stating that he had killed Dan Smith. The officers had heard of the affair and a deputy had been sent into the country to arrest Smith when he came in with some of his friends.
     Raines and Smith are unmarried and trouble of long standing had existed. It is said over a love affair. The trouble was renewed and Raines killed Smith.
     At the close of the preliminary hearing Raines was released by United States Commissioner Marshall. The evidence showed that Smith had repeatedly threatened Raine's life, and this time without a word he walked up to Raines and pointed his pistol firmly at his breast. Raines jerked a pistol from his breast pocket and shot Smith dead before the latter could fire. Tulsa Indian Republican newspaper, 22 Aug 1902, pg 2, col 4 "Killed His Rival"

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