Map location: Township 30, Section 19N, Range 14E.
USGS location: latitude 36.095 and longitude -95.864

Post office established in 1905 as Welcome and changed to Alsuma on Feb 14 1906, closed 15 Jun 1926.

Map of Alsuma

Formerly: Welcome and Troxillion. The original name was Welcome, then the railroad named the stop Troxillion, but when the post office was established in 1906 the name was changed to Alsuma.

The story goes - The railroad called the town Troxillion, but the sign kept getting torn down until the railroad returned the Alsuma sign. Named for John Alsuma a local merchant. Alsuma was annexed to Tulsa in 1966 but has retained its identify.

Alsuma: The Town That Disappeared From Southeast Tulsa

Alsuma Tulsa Gal's blog.

TCHS "Alsuma's nearest neighbor was Howard an all black community. Alsuma was half black and half white. Located near 51st street south and Mingo Road. It became a part of Tulsa in 1968."

Map of Alsuma

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