Map Location: Section 11 Township 18N Range 14E.
USGS Location: longitude -95.8833,longitude -95.7908

Post office established 9 Jun 1881 to present. Zips 74011-14 (main Post office zip 74013)

For many years Broken Arrow's downtown section looked pretty much as it did when it began at its current location. However, over the last few years Broken Arrow's downtown has undergone a major change. Now known as The Rose District downtown is filled with tree lined sidewalks, small shops, eating places and parks. Broken Arrow's Peforming Arts Center is located on Main Street. The Broken Arrow History museum has opened at it's new location also on Main Street. Rhema Bible College a few blocks to the west of downtown hosts one of the largest and most visited Christmas lights display in the area. More information can be found at Broken Arrow's website.

Broken Arrow was originally a few miles from its current location - when the railroad bypassed the town of Elam, the town picked up and moved (buildings and all) on skids to its current location, naming the new town Broken Arrow.

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Broken Arrow Newspaper abstracts and other information can be found here on the Tulsa site.

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