Map location: Section 1, Township 20N, Range 12E.
USGS Location: latitude 36.242, longitude -95.9758

Post office established 13 Jan 1897, closed 23 Aug 1957.

Located on North Peoria between East 56th St North and East 76th St North and between North Cincinnati Ave and North Lewis Ave with subdivisions expanding Turley proper.

Map of Turley

Turley is one of Tulsa County's oldest communities. Its an unincorported town and as of 1996 hadn't been annexed by Tulsa, although Tulsa provides some services - such as law enforcement, and Turley has Tulsa addresses and mail service. Turley's old downtown is mostly gone with just a few buildings still standing. However, the Turley community is still active with most businesses lining Peoria. Cherokee School (originally called Turley School) is located in Turley as is McLain High School.

Turley Time 03 Jul 1996 Tulsa World article

Turley Historical Association. After Bob Cooper passed away the Association hasn't been active.

Tulsa article "Turley Stays True to Root".

[TCHS] "Turley had its beginnings around 1897-1898. Jim Turley and S. L. Daun's store housed the post office named for Jim Turley. This store and a blacksmith shop operated by Herman Bussman comprised the first town of Turley, which was located one mile north and one mile east of the present site (66th Street North and Peoria). In 1904, the Midland Valley railroad was surveyed and the town was moved to a point one-half mile north of its present location, to the supposed site of the railroad. In 1906, on completion of the railroad, the town was moved to its present site by H. L. Buck. Turley was established because of farming interests, but those interests soon gave way to the oil industry. Turley is located in the heart of the Bird Creek Oil Field, the oldest oil field in Tulsa County. Around 1902, Turley's first school was taught in a small frame schoolhouse near the original townsite. The first permanent school in Turley was a one room brick building constructed in 1908. This was replaced in 1912 by a four room brick building. A three-story brick school was completed in 1920. The Methodists were the first religious denomination in town with both a church building and a parsonage."

[Historic Tulsa; An Illustrated History of Tulsa & Tulsa County; by Beryl Ford, Charles Ford, Rodger Randle, and Bob Byrke; Commissioned by the Oklahoma Heritage Association and the Tulsa Historical Society; Historical Publishing Network; San Antonio, TX; 2006; pgs 75-76] -

"Turley is one of Oklahoma's oldest communities. The settlement sprang up during cattle drive days in 1834. ... The thirty-acre townsite was platted in 1906 by Manuel Hirsch and H. F. Abby of the Turley Improvement Company. ... A two story school was built in 1907 at what is now Sixtieth Street and North Peoria Avenue. ... The Turley post office remained opened until August 23, 1957, when it was consolidated with the Tulsa post office."

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