Location: TS9N R12E

[TCHS] Just west of the Tulsa city limits, separated by the oil refineries and Lookout Mountain, lies the unincorporated community of Berryhill. Originally known as Happy Hollow, Berryhill was settled by immigrant farmers during the time between the Cherokee Strip run and the turn of the century. Many of the early settlers bought their land, but others, like Tom Berryhill, a farmer immigrant from St. Joseph, Missouri, were given 160 acre Indian allotments by the Government. Some time after 1910,Tom Berryhill donated land for the first school and the name Happy Hollow was changed to Berryhill. The one room school house built on the donated land served Berryhill until 1929 when a new school was built and the old school became the Freewill Baptist Church, the first church in the community. Berryhill got its first telephone line in 1929, natural gas service in the 1930s and water line in the 1950s.

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