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Use your genealogy software to product a "Generation Report". (Or type a report anyway you would like)

Select the last generation to be the generation that all of the people are dead or at least the largest majority of them are.

If everyone in the generation is not dead, open your report in your word processing program and change the names of all living persons to "Living Female" or "Living Male". Do the same for the spouse if they are still living. If the spouse of a living person is deceased change the name of the spouse to "Deceased Male" or "Deceased Female".

I will not post any report that includes the names of living people or any other info that can be used to identify them, such as a spouse's name. The programs like GDClean and several others leaves the name intact and deletes the information such as birth, marriage, etc. I do not believe in posting the name of any living person without that person's written consent. So keep it simple and change the names in your word processing program.

Resave your report and send it to me via e-mail as an attachment. I can open a document out of Word for Windows (doc), any type text file (txt) or a document out of Works for Windows. If you have another type of word processing program check with me OK?

Be sure to include your name and your e-mail address in your e-mail message so that I can add it to your report.

Feel free to include source notes if you wish.

Should you have any questions please let me know. Linda

Thanks a million for wanting to share your information with other Tulsa Co Researchers !!!

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