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 The Beginning of Tulsa
By J. M. Hall (1927)

(c) Karolyn Kay Garland (1997)

Nothing here is free for the taking. This book is reproduced here with the permission of the copyright holder - see copyright statement.

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Other Incidents in the Story (con't)
Men who contributed to the book

Dividing Line

       Included in the story are chapters written by others than Mr. Hall. The late Dr. J. C. W. Bland wrote on "Red Fork and Trails of This Region," and Arthur F. Antle has written on "The Passing of the Herd."
       Eleven man have something to say. Also stories concerning six school teachers, and additional pictures.
       Included, too, in the story will be found 168 personal write-ups. Ninety of these concern men who were married when they came to Tulsa. The others took wives after coming here, or have remained unmarried.
       Those men who were married when they came here, and who are given personal write-ups include:

H. C. Hall Fred Turner J. M. Hall J. D. Hagler John Smith
J. C. Perryman Lute L. Lewis Burl Cox Judge L. M. Poe W. W. Winterringer
Rev. R. M. Loughridge W. O. Strother John McBride J. Y. Brand John Holland
Bob Childers Jim Smith C. A. Owens J. H. Wheatley W. J. Baber
W. E. Halsell Fred Buckey Rev. W. P. Haworth Ernest Roop P. P. Bush
Jay Forsythe George Forsythe W. B. Hogan Albert Baber L. R. Darrow
Bob Bradford John Querry W. O. Woodley Captain Adams W. P. Hall
Ben Bozier C. W. Kern W. H. Tinker H. I. Kelly H. T. Jones
W. B. Frederick J. A. Friend A. C. Orrick D. A. H. Collins J. W. Megee
W. T. Davis William Burgess Charlie Hass M. J. Romine R. V. Bardon
L. C. Perrymnan Chief Keokuk Doctor Stevenson Dr. P. Reeder George McElroy
R. M. Bynum William Querry O. D. Strother John Moran L. T. Barton
D. C. L. Reeder John McElroy George Perryman Joe Price Billie McKim
Jim Egan A. Lombard Rev. Thomas Perryman Frank Winters R. L. Lunsford
Col. E. Calkins Col. W. P. Moore Rev. George W. Mowbray L. D. Lewis George Pittman
P. L .Price Dr. F. L. Brewer George Bullette Jim Boyd Dr. Manes
B. F. Colley W. T. Trotter T. J. Wilson Mike Horner Sylvester Morris
George Henry J. B. Vann Rev. R. J. Lamb John Bedford D. M. Hodge
Frank Bowlin D. H. P. Newlin Rev. C. W. Kerr John Freeman R. M. Barker
Marion Kelley J. E. Mills George Williamson Frank Mathewson P. C. Rothhammer


The men given personal write-ups who married after coming to Tulsa, or who have not married, follow:

T. J. Archer W.G. Williamson Andy Arthur S. R. Lewis John Thomas
Bob Shipman Bud Wallace Claude Flippin Ed Egan Bill Jones
A. W. Hoots Dr. J. L. Kennedy R. E. Lynch Jake Wormington Tom Kinney
John Archer Dr. Fred S. Clinton Dave Shipman Dr. S. G. Kennedy Pin Miller
F. J. Scott W. S. Dickason Bob Shipman Charlie Hamilton Albert Poague
J. H. Kelly Ott Boone R. H. Hall L. L. Hall George Kilcorn
T. E. Smiley Lee Clinton Joe Troutman W. T. Brady H. C. Payne
Dr. J. C. W. Brand Sam McBirney Lew Appleby John Day Cliff Drew
Dave Shelton Arthur Antle Pete Vinness Maurice DeVinna Jake Moran
H. C. Davis Paul Clinton Robert Frye J. H. McBirney J. W. Goumaz
Lon P, Stansberry H. E. Woodward Warfield Phillips J. M. Gillette Luna Price
C. O. Winterringer Joe Moore George Mowbray, Jr. Dr. S. H. Kimmons Ernest Drew
B. F. Finney E. E. Miller Tom Feeley Robert Williamson R. P. Epperson
C. B. Lynch C. W. Robertson Lon Conway Frank Seaman Dave Harris
Tom Shackle J. M. Crutchfield Sanford Kelly Henry Knisel  
Will Lynch Fred Erickson Judge Harry Campbell George Campbell  

Dividing Line

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