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 The Beginning of Tulsa
By J. M. Hall (1927)

(c) Karolyn Kay Garland (1997)

Nothing here is free for the taking. This book is reproduced here with the permission of the copyright holder - see copyright statement.

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Presbyterian Mission School Teachers (con't)

position with the Standard Oil Co. Refinery at Richmond, California, which is one of the largest refineries in the United States. When his twenty-five years of service was up last September he was retired on one-half salary for life, this will take care of him and his good wife as long as they live. Mr. Poage has been such a fine character I could not refrain from saying a few words about him. although he was not a teacher in our Mission school.
       He was secretary of our Sunday school in 1890-92, and was superintendent of the Sunday school and elder in the Presbyterian church for many years in his home town, and holds those positions at this time. From the marriage of Miss Bettie and Mr. Poage in 1892, they have three sons. Willard, who has been cashier of a bank about 15 years; Tom has been assistant state architect in California for a number of years; Edward is in the radio business. The boys are all married and have happy homes. Great blessings have come into the lives of Mr. and Mrs. Poage.

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Photo Alice Stringfield

       Miss Alice was commissioned by the Board in New York. She took her place in the Mission school in Tulsa in the fall of 1888. Miss Alice was a dear lover of children and was especially fitted for the place she occupied in the school. On account of her friendly and cheerful disposition she probably was more closely drawn to the young people than any other teacher. Miss Alice's whole life seemed to be wrapped up in the young people of the school, Sunday school and church work.
       After Miss Chambers went as a missionary to Turkey, and Miss Bettie Stringfield resigned in 1892, Miss Nichols of Kansas City, Missouri, and Miss Docking from Kansas, were commissioned by the Board to fill the vacancies. They taught about one year and resigned. Miss Alice resigned at the same time and taught in Dwight Mission and Anadarko, later the Board transferred her to Arroyo Hondo, New Mexico.
       After teaching there for some time she gave up her school work and came back to Tulsa and made her home with her sister, Mrs. J. M. Hall, for about twenty-five years, and up to the time of her death, 1927. During these years she was very happy to take part in the various activities of the First Presbyterian church. Taught a class in the Sunday school for many years. She was a charter member of the Hattie Graybill Missionary society and took a great interest in the work of the society and other church organizations. She retained her friendly and cheerful disposition up to the time of her death.


Photo Celeste Harrington

       Is the young woman who makes you feel welcome down at the Tribune office. She is very active in Christian Endeavor work and young people work in our city. She lives with her father and mother at 2717 east 5th Street.

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