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 The Beginning of Tulsa
By J. M. Hall (1927)

(c) Karolyn Kay Garland (1997)

Nothing here is free for the taking. This book is reproduced here with the permission of the copyright holder - see copyright statement.

 Page 28

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[A photo of Dr. R J. Lamb is printed in the book, however the photo is almost completely black.]

        He [Dr. R. J. Lamb] was one of the early Presbyterian ministers in Tulsa and also held important higher church positions. His home is still in Tulsa.
       Dr. R. J. Lamb was pastor of the First Presbyterian Church in Tulsa from 1891 to 1893. He also supplied many churches in the old Indian Territory days and has held many important positions in the Presbyterian synod of Oklahoma. He was pastor-evangelist for the Oklahoma Presbytery for some time and had much to do with locating Henry Kendall college in Tulsa. Gray hairs now testify to his long service. He lives with his family at 2827 E. Eighth Street.

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Photo of Leonard Davidson

       In August, 1898, Reverend Leonard P. Davidson took charge of our Presbyterian Mission Church. He was a young man, a graduate of Auburn Seminary, his wife was a daughter of Reverend B. F. Leavitt of the Melrose Highland's Congregational church, Melrose Highlands, Mass.
       Mrs. Davidson was a college graduate. When they married it was their destiny to go as missionaries to the foreign field, but Mrs. Davidson could not pass the physical examination. So they engaged in Home Mission work in Tulsa. Our Sunday School and preaching services were still held in the old Mission School building. Soon after their arrival here, they began to plan for a new church building on the southwest corner of 4th street and Boston avenue, where the Pioneer Telephone building now stands, in the summer of 1899 Mrs. Davidson passed to her eternal home. Mr. Davidson remained here in charge of our church until December, 1899, when a message came to him from the Presbyterian

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