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 The Beginning of Tulsa
By J. M. Hall (1927)

(c) Karolyn Kay Garland (1997)

Nothing here is free for the taking. This book is reproduced here with the permission of the copyright holder - see copyright statement.

Page 75

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Brief Histories of the Earliest Tulsans (con't)

        Henry C. Davis came to Tulsa from Alabama in 1886 and worked on the farm of his uncle, W. T. Davis, south of town. In 1890 he was employed in the T. J. Archer hardware store, later going to Henryetta when that town was located. For about 20 years after this he was manager of the Nowata Hardware Co in Nowata, returning to Tulsa to take a position with the Gates-Nichols Wholesale Hardware Co. At the present time he is a traveling salesman for a wholesale hardware house. He married the daughter of Col W. P. Moore in Tulsa and they have reared five girls and two boys two of the girls are married. The Davis home is at 1006 N. Main street.

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        William T. Davis was an intermarried citizen in the Creek nation. He lived on his farm about 15 miles south of Tulsa, on the Arkansas river. A few years after Tulsa was located he erected a nice home between what is now Third and Fourth streets fronting on Main street. S. C. Davis, his son, was a small boy when his father moved to Tulsa. William T. Davis had two daughters, one of whom married Dr. J. C. W. Bland. Mr. Davis kept his home in Tulsa until his death years ago. He left many friends who remember him for his good influences.

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        Maurice De Vinna came to Tulsa in 1897 and clerked in the Brady store 14 years. Then he engaged in the real estate business and later was in the county treasurer's office, about five years. At the present time he is with the Exchange Trust Co. He married one of Tulsa's splendid young women and has a son, now a student at Harvard. The DeVinnas live at 1257 F. Twenty-sixth street.

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        S. Dickson arrived in 1894 from Nevada, Mo., and engaged in the furniture business on East First street, in which he was very successful. He also made profitable real estate investments. He and Mrs. Dickson reared a family of three sons and two daughters. The family home is at 220 N. Rosedale avenue.

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        Cliff Drew decided to make his home in Tulsa in 1894. He was a cowboy and farmer for many years. Later he built one of the city's downtown office buildings. He married after coming here and is now in the real estate business with the firm of Miller & Glass.

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        Ernest Drew came to Tulsa in about 1895. Most of his career here has been spent farming. Some time ago he went to Texas to follow the oil business but he has since returned to make this is permanent home.

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        Ed Egan came to Tulsa with his brother, Jim, in 1888 and was associated with him in the general mercantile business for a time. He has been in various occupations since then and has always been known for his loyalty to the town. At the present time he is associated with a law firm. He and Mrs. Egan have their home at 1751 S. Utica avenue.

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[There is a photo of George W Henry in the book, but it is so dark you can't make it out and it will not scan]

        George Henry came to Tulsa in 1894 from his native state of Tennessee. After engaging in numerous enterprises he went to work for The Indian Republican, one of the newspapers of that day. Later he took this paper over and organized The Tulsa Chief. Still later he confined himself entirely to a commercial printing company which he operates at this time, at 510 S. Elgin avenue. Immediately upon his arrival in the new town he aligned himself with the First M. E. church and since then he has been an active church man. He was leader of the choir for a number of years and is now song leader for the Pioneers' association. He and Mrs. Henry live at 451 S. College avenue.

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        Jim Egars arrived in Tulsa in 1888 and engaged in the general mercantile business for a number of years. When his store was burned, without insurance, he went back to his old business of traveling salesman. Later he erected a brick building between First and Second streets on

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