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The Beginning of Tulsa
By J. M. Hall (1927)

(c) Karolyn Kay Garland (1997)

Nothing here is free for the taking. This book is reproduced here with the permission of the copyright holder - see copyright statement.

Page 80

Dividing Line

Photo Main Street

Looking south on Main street from the Frisco tracks in the nineties. The flag pole in the center is about where First street now crosses Main street. Jeff Archer's store is on the left. Nearest the tracks on the right is the J. M. Hall & Co. store. The second front on the right is the R. N. Bynum store. George McElroy's harness shop is the last building in line on the right.

Dividing Line

Brief Histories of the Earliest Tulsans (con't)

        John McAlister and his family arrived in Tulsa about 1892. He was the postmaster for some time and later was with the Dickason - Goodman Lumber Co. More recently he has been living near Siloam Springs, Ark. He makes frequent visits to Tulsa where several of his children live. One son, Bruce, is in the Central National bank.

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        George McElroy came with his father to Tulsa in 1883. When a young man he opened a harness shop, continuing in this business for some years. After selling his shop he moved to a farm near Jennings, Okla., where he died a few years ago.

Dividing Line

        John McElroy came to Tulsa in 1883. He conducted a small livery stable on Second street, between Main street and Boston avenue. He lived at the corner of Second street and Main streets for a number of years. He did not live to see Tulsa enter its greatest growing period.

        William McKim was living on a nearby farm when Tulsa was created in 1882. He was an intermarried citizen of the Creek Nation. In later years he moved to Tulsa, serving as the city's fourth postmaster. He died many years ago. His son, Robert, is a member of the Tulsa fire department.


        J. W. McGee first came to Indian Territory and lived on a farm in Osage county. He moved to Tulsa in 1898 and engaged in the sale and repair of guns in a small way. In later years he opened a store on Second street between Main street and Boulder avenue and still later he opened a fine, large store on Main street between Fifth and Sixth streets. He has become one of Tulsa's most successful merchants.

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        E. E. Miller, a good old timer, came in 1893 and married afterward. He has engaged in numerous business activities. He and Mrs. Miller brought up a family of six children, four of whom are married. The family home is at 1321 S. Elgin avenue.

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        Penn Miller has lived in Tulsa since the city was a small village. He has engaged in many lines of work and at the present time is a private residential policeman. He married after he came to Tulsa and Mrs. Miller died several years ago.

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