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 The Beginning of Tulsa
By J. M. Hall (1927)

(c) Karolyn Kay Garland (1997)

Nothing here is free for the taking. This book is reproduced here with the permission of the copyright holder - see copyright statement.

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Brief Histories of the Earliest Tulsans (con't)


Photo T E Smiley        T. E. Smiley is a native of Tennessee. In 1884 he came to Tulsa and clerked first in the Hall store in the town and then at the store in Red Fork. Later he wanted some outdoor life and went on a cattle ranch. After this he was engaged in the walnut log business with Mel Baird and still later in the grocery business. His next venture was his partnership with W. S. Dickason in the establishment of the town's first exclusive lumber yard. In recent years he has been engaged in the oil lease and real estate business. He married after coming to Tulsa and has four boys and one girl. Three of his boys and the girl are married, and Mr. Smiley is a grandfather. He was secretary of the commercial club at one time, a city councilman at another and served as a member of the first school board. He is a brother of John L. Smiley, the present county treasurer. In Tulsa the Smiley family home is at 2027 E. Fourteenth place. The old family home was in Marshal county, Tennessee, where the writer knew his father and mother as members of one of the best families in that state.    

H C Calhoun

        H. C. Calhoun came to Tulsa for his first time in 1884 or 1885. He was foreman for Crain and Larimer who were cattleman. He left Tulsa about 1886, returning married in 1892 when he took over the Hotel Tulsa of that day. Later he and C. B. Lynch engage in the mercantile business and some time later than this he and Bud Wallace were in the grocery and metal business. Mr. Calhoun served as a member of one of the early city councils. Mr. and Mrs. Calhoun and their son, Ed, still live in Tulsa.    

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