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 The Beginning of Tulsa
By J. M. Hall (1927)

(c) Karolyn Kay Garland (1997)

Nothing here is free for the taking. This book is reproduced here with the permission of the copyright holder - see copyright statement.

Page 100

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A word to the Old Timers; This may be my last message to you.

       The past year should remind us that more of our friends have said "good-bye" to us and passed away than any one previous year As thinking men and women we know that the time is not far distant when each one of us shall say "good-bye" to this old world, and while we can think we should be getting our house in order and be ready when the summons comes. As we look back over the years that have gone we miss many of our old time friends.

I will mention the names of some of those who left us during the past two years:

Name Came to Tulsa Died Age Family
C. A. Owens 1882 1930 81 Wife and One Son
W. P. Hall 1897 1930 80 Wife, One Daughter and One Son
Geo. Bullette 1882 1931 74 Wife, Three Daughters and One Son
Jim Woolley 1887 1931 64 Wife, Two Daughters and One Son
W.B. Frederick 1887 1931 70 Wife, One Daughter and Two Sons
John McBride 1893 1931 68 Wife and Two Sons
T.E. Smiley 1884 1932 67 Wife, One Daughter and Four Sons
H.C. Calhoun 1885 1932 80 Wife and One Son
R E. Lynch 1890 1932 67 Wife, One Daughter and Four Sons

       I have just written the name of my brother, which reminds me of my father's and mother's family. Three girls and six boys. I am the youngest boy and the only one left. And have lived longer than any of my family except my mother, who died at the age of 83.

J M Hall's signature and Tulsa Skyline 1933

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