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 The Beginning of Tulsa
By J. M. Hall (1927/1933)

(c) Karolyn Kay Garland (1997)

Nothing here is free for the taking. This book is reproduced here with the permission of the copyright holder - see copyright statement.


Table of Content

Dividing Line

1      Preface

2     Tent City Drawing (Tulsa's first days)

3     Introduction; "Tulsa Firsts"

4    Tulsa "Firsts" (con't); Other Incidents in the Story

5    Other Incidents in the Story (con't); Men who contributed to the book who were married

5a   Most of These Married Later

6     The Beginning of Tulsa

7     H. C. Hall; Railroads

8     J. M. Hall

9     J. M. Hall (con't); The Railroad to Tulsa; Vinita Becomes a City; Melted with Snow

10    Melted with Snow (con't); On Toward Tulsa; Last Obstacle Overcome; First Arrivals In Tulsa; Heavy Woods Then

11    Heavy Woods Then (con't); The First Train; Bob Childers; The First Organization

12    The First Organization (con't); The First Sermon and the First Church
       Rev. R. M. Loughridge

13   The First School; Mission School; Rev. W. P. Haworth

14   Other Churches Organized  

15   Other Churches Organized (con't); Other Preachers; Tulsa's First Baby

16   The First Doctor; Early Incidents;  First Water Well

17   First Water Well (con't); An Early Mistake; Jeff Archer's Tragic Death

18   Tulsa's Indian War; Plenty of Game;  Chasing The Rebels

19   Ready for Business; Honest Injuns; General Pleasant Porter; Another Store; W. B. Hogan

20  W. B. Hogan (con't); George Perryman; J. C. Perryman

21  J. C. Perryman (con't); Rachel Perryman

22  Presbyterian Mission School Teachers - Mrs. S. J. Stonecipher

23  Teachers (Con't) - Ida Stephens and others

24  Teachers (Con't) - Lilah D. Lindsay

25  Teachers (Con't) - Jennie S. Stringfield

26  Teachers (Con't) - Jennie Stringfield (con't); Bettie Stringfield

27  Teachers (Con't) - Bettie Stringfield (con't); Celeste Harrington

28   Dr. R. J. Lamb; Leonard Davidson

29   Leonard Davidson (con't); Pioneer Women; First Missionary Society; Mission School Grounds

30   Mission School Grounds (con't) 

31    Mission School Grounds (con't)

32   First Public School

33   First Presbyterian Church; Dr. C. W. Kerr

34  Mrs. C. W. Kerr; Attempts at Better Farming

35   Attempts at Better Farming (con't); Profitable Pasturing; Aiding the Indians

36   Early Cattlemen;  W. E. Hasell's Ranch

37   Trouble with Farmers; W. O. Woodley; Other Cattlemen

38  Other Cattlemen (con't); Cowboys and Farmers; Early Court Problems; U.S. Marshals

39   U.S. Marshal Rushed to his Death; Hangings were Frequent; U.S. Count at Muskogee

40  Travel Difficult; Towns were Rivals; Robert Fry; The First Post Office

41  The First Post Office (con't); Early Street and Townsite Trouble

42  Townsite Survey; Walnut Logs; Petition Creek Council; Mass Meeting Called

43  Mass Meeting Called (con't); The Stomp Dances; Dance for Men Only;   Union Army Officer

44  Union Army Officer (con't); Tulsa's First Fourth; Fraternal Organizations; The First Newspaper; The First Commercial Club

45  The First Commercial Club (con't); Dr. George W. Mowbray, Sr; First Booster Trip; W. S. Dickson - The First Lumber Yard

46  The First Lumber Yard (con't); Early City Problems; Close to Hell; The   First Telephone

47  First Telephone (con't); B. F. Colley; Early Tulsa Business; First Barber

48  Jay Forsythe; Early Coal Mining; Early Day Activities

49  Early Day Activities (con't); J. H. McBirney; Pot of Gold Found; Tulsa's First Lawyer; Early Traveling Men

50  Early Traveling Men (con't); C. B. Lynch

51  Charles Haas; He Could Run!; D. S. G. Kennedy

52  Dr. Kennedy (con't); "Uncle Ben's" Error; First Policemen and Early Outlaws; Creeks Slew Each Other

53  Creeks Slew Each Other (con't); Dalton Boys Lived in Tulsa; Cook Operated Near Here; First Chinaman

54  First Chinaman (con't); Judge Harry Campbell; Judge L. M. Poe

55  Early Tulsa Murders; Shot off Horse; The Clinton Family; Dr. Fred Clinton

56 Dr. Fred Clinton (con't); Ending of Exciting Career; Tragic Natural Deaths

57  R. L. Lunsford; The Opening of Oklahoma; Lee Clinton; Brothers Into Business

58  Kennedys Came Then; Active in Civic Affairs

59  Lombard Family Pioneers; Sam McBirney

60  Later Railroad History; Lon R. Stanbery; Difficult Bridge Building

61  Difficult Bridge Building (con't); Red Fork; Dan Patton; When Tulsa Was Dry

62  M K & T Railroad; J. Gus Patton

63  J. Gus Patton (con't); A. H. Poage; John Day; Tulsa Won the Road

64  Tulsa Won the Road (con't); After a Third Line; Winning The Santa Fe; Will Lynch

65  Will Lynch (con't); Tulsa's Street Railway; The University of Tulsa; Lack of Gas Saved School

66  Lack of Gas Saved School (con't); J. M. Gillette; Church Loses Hold; The Tulsa Pioneers Association

67  On Common Ground; New Officers Named; Ed Hines; S. R. Lewis

68  S. R. Lewis (con't); Indians There, Too; Many Who Left Tulsa; H. P. Newton

69  H. P. Newton (con't); Fred Turner
Brief History of the Earliest Tulsans
      Henry Anderson

70  H. E. Woodward; Reuben Partridge; Paul Clinton; Legus C. Perryman

71   Legus C. Perryman (con't); Thomas Perryman; A. T. Hodge; D. M. Hodge; W. G. Williamson

72  Arthur Antle; John Archer; Andy Arthur; Lou Appleby; J. C. W. Bland; Albert Barber; W. J. Barber; John Belford; Dick Bardon; L. T. Barton; R. M. Baker

73  J. E. Mills; Ott Boone; Frank Bowlin; Jim Boyd; J. Y. Brand; F. L. Bewer; Fred Buckley

74  Fred Buckley (con't); William Burgess; P. P. Bush; Burl Cox; Sanford Kelly; George Campbell; A. H. Collins; Lon Conway; Isaac Cooper; J. M. Crutchfield; L. R. Darrow

75   Henry C. Davis; William T. Davis; Maurice DeVinna; S. Dickson; Cliff Drew; Ernest Drew; Ed Egan; George W. Henry; Jim Egan

76   Jim Egan (con't); Fred Errickson; R. T. Epperson; Tom Feeley; B. F. Finney; Claude Flippin; George Foysythe; John Freeman; J. A. Friend; Warfield Phillips; Antonine Gillis

77  Antonine Gills (con't); Dave Gillis; Charles Hamilton; Dave Harris; J. W. Goumaz; J. D. Hagler; L. L. Hall; John Holland; Mike Horner; Bill Jones; H. T. Jones

78   Tulsa's First Baseball Team

79   H. L. Kelly; J. H. Kelly; Marion Kelly; Chief Koekuk; C. W. Kern; George Kilkairn; Tom Kinney; S. S. Kimmons; Henry Kneisel; L. D. Lewis; Lut L. Lewis; Frank Mathewson; Doctor Mains

80  John McAllister; George McElroy; John McElroy; William McKim; J. W. Meagee; E. E. Miller; Penn Miller

81   L. M. Mitchell; Joe Moore; Col. W. P. Moore; Jake Moran; John Moran; George Mowgray, Jr.; A. D. Orcutt; H. C. Payne; George Pittman; Luna Price; Joe Price; P. L. Price

82   P. L. Price (con't); John Querry; William Querry; Dr. Philander Reeder; C. W. Robertson; Ernest Roop; M. J. Romine; P. C. Rothammer; F. J. Scott;   Frank Seaman

83   The Passing of the Herd by Arthur F Antle

84   The Passing of the Herd by Arthur F Antle (con't)

85   Red Fork Trail by the Late Dr J C W Bland

86   Red Fork Trail by the Late Dr J C W Bland (con't); John D Seaman;   Dave Shelton; Tom Shackle; John Smith; Andy Stokes

87   R. B. Standberry; John Thomas; W. T. Trotter; Joe Truitman; J. B. Vann; Pete Vinest; Bud Wallace; W. W. Winterringer; Frank Winters; Jack Wormington; J. H. Wheatley

88  US Marshal Wilkerson; George Williamson; Robert Williamson; T. J. Wilson; W. G. Williamson; C. O. Winterringer; R. N. Byrnum

89  George Bullette

90  R E Lynch; W. P. Hall

91  W. Tate Brady

92  C. A. Owen - Tulsa' First Hotel; Col. Ed Calkins - First Mayor

93  W. B. Frederick; Dr. C. L. Reeder

94  James Woolley; John McBride

95 T. H. Smiley; H. C. Calhoun

96 Personal Letters From a Few "Old Timers"
     Harry Campbell; C. W. Kerr

97 Robert Fry; John N. Day; Sam McBirney; Ralph J. Lamb

98 Ralph J. Lamb (con't); C. B. Lynch; Lon R. Stansberry;  R. L. Lunsford

99 R. L. Lunsford (con't); George W. Henry; S. G. Kennedy M. D.

100 A Final Word from J M Hall

  Dividing Line


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