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Look-Ups For Tulsa Co, OK


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Priscilla who so kindly offered to do look-ups for Tulsa county has apparently moved away. If anyone is willing to help out with look-ups it would be greatly appreciated.

Although I have no one to do look-ups anymore I'm leaving the list of resources here in case anyone is willing to do look-ups for at least one of these items.

Is there anyone who has a resource for Tulsa that would be willing to do a look-up? If so please let me know. Thanks

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Tulsa County-Related Resources at the Genealogy Center of the Tulsa City-County Library. (Published by the Tulsa Genealogy Society. Contact them for book purchase information).

Funeral Home Records of Tulsa County:

The Tulsa Genealogy Society is putting the indexes to the following Funeral Home Records on-line. Please check their site before requesting a look up.

Funeral Home Records of Tulsa Oklahoma, Index for Volumes I-X (following)
Moore's Funeral Records 1927-1971
Moore's Memory / Eastlawn Funeral Records 1966-1980
Ninde's Funeral Records 1917-1980
Whisenhunt Funeral Records 1929-1980
Stanley's Funeral Records 1909-1981
Winterringer Funeral Records 1906-1910
Lane Funeral Records 1934-1949
Coulter - Brown Funeral Records 1950 - 1967
Fitzgerald Funeral Records 1936-1980
Heath - Griffith Funeral Records 1967-1984
Death, Tulsa County Cemeteries, Duck Creek; Covey; Twin Mounds

Tulsa County Voting Records - 1922-1936 (no composite index - each book must be checked individually)

Precinct Owasso 1 - 2 - 3 & 4
Precinct 6
Precinct 19 & 94B
Precinct 23 & 22B
Precinct 24 - 25 & 25B
Precinct 26
Precinct 76
Precinct 80
Precinct 89 - 90
Precinct 90 & 92
Precinct 91
Precinct 94A
Precinct 96 & 97
Precinct Broken Arrow 1 - 2 & 3
Precinct Dawson 107 & 2B District 22

Our People and Where they Rest: A twelve volume series representing a tremendous and valuable resource for individuals wishing to search for a particular ancestor buried in northeastern Oklahoma, formerly the general area of the Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory. James W. Tyner and Alice Tyner Timmons documented or basically inventoried 1,043 cemeteries throughout northeastern Oklahoma between the years 1969 and 1985-over 65,000 individuals. Each volume contains a number of cemeteries with maps showing the marked and unmarked grave locations, followed by the inventories of who is expected to be buried at each cemetery. (Located at the Tulsa Genealogy Library)

Shadows of the Past: Tombstone Inscriptions in South Tulsa County, Oklahoma: Volume I & II Compiled by Senior Girl Scout Troop 202; Leader, Margaret Hawkins; Tulsa, Oklahoma; Summer 1985 (Some of these cemeteries are on-line - click on hyperlink)
Cemeteries Indexed: (name, location, volume, page)
Alice (Burgess) Williams, Tulsa, v2, 262d
Bixby, Bixby, v2, 49
Blakemore, N.Tulsa/Owasso, v1, p5
Booker T. Washington (new name now), Tulsa, v1, 28-36
Charley, Sperry, v1, 14-15
Chisholm, Sperry, v1, 8
Clinton Oaks, Tulsa, v1, 175-203
Community, Tulsa, v2, 30
Covey/Rosencutter/Jenks, Jenks, v2, 34
Crown Hill, Tulsa, v1, 204-280
Drew, Broken Arrow, v2, 262c
Duck Creek, Liberty Mounds, v2, 8
Fairview, Owasso, v1, 71-104
Grayson, Tulsa, v1, 16
Grayson, Broken Arrow, v2, 262a
Harlow, N.Tulsa, v1, 3-4
Hillside, Skiatook, v1, 37-70
Indian Territory, W.Tulsa, v1, 28
Kerr, Broken Arrow, v2, 262f
Leonard, Leonard, v2, 4
Lord, Owasso - Sperry, v1, 9
McCoy, Leonard, v1, 28
McHenry, Broken Arrow, v2, 262b
Noah Moore, Broken Arrow, v2, 262e
Oaklawn, Tulsa, v1, 105-174
Old Skiatook, Skiatook, v1, 6-7
Park Grove, Broken Arrow, v2, 149
Perryman, Tulsa, v1, 17-18
Pleasant Porter, Leonard, v2, 7
Post Oak, Sand Springs, v1, 20-27
Rock Creek, Sand Springs, v1, 19
Sanger, Bixby, v2, 6
Snake Creek, Bixby v2, 1 ,
Spybuck, Sperry, v1, p5
Tullahassee, Sand Springs, v1, 14
Twin Mounds, Glenpool, v2, 42
Victory, Collinsville, v1, 10-11
Wekiwa, Sand Springs, v1, 12-13
White Church, Broken Arrow, v2, 22

Tulsa Co. Newspaper's Index To Life Events (will eventually cover 1900-1920)
Currently Contains 451 entries
Included in Index:
The Tulsa Democrat [weekly] roll 1, Jan 1900-Jan 1903
The Tulsa Democrat [weekly] roll 2, Jan 23, 1903-Sep 16 1904
The Daily Democrat roll 1, Sep 27 1904 - (incomplete)

Tulsa Co. Student Index through 1930 (Indexed from the School Yearbooks & Annuals located at Central Library)
Currently Contains 5,891 entries
Included in Index:
Central State Normal School 1914, Bronzebook
Henry Kendall College (later University of Tulsa) 1913, Kendellabrum
Henry Kendall College (later University of Tulsa) 1915, Kendellabrum
Henry Kendall College (later University of Tulsa) 1920, Kendellabrum
Henry Kendall College (later University of Tulsa) 1922, Kendellabrum
Central High School 1910, Tom-Tom
Central High School 1912, Tom-Tom
Central High School 1914, Tom-Tom
Central High School 1915, Tom-Tom
Central High School 1917, Tom-Tom
Central High School 1919, Tom-Tom
Central High School 1925, Tom-Tom
Central High School 1927, Tom-Tom
Central High School 1930, Tom-Tom
University of Oklahoma 1912, Sooner
Oklahoma State University 1915

 1910 Tax Index (from the 1910 Tulsa City Directory
Contains taxed persons in other towships as well)
Complete with 2,336 entries

 Resources at the Tulsa county courthouse

Resources at the Tulsa county Main Library


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