What's New here at Tulsa County?

Dividing Line

Dec 1, 2008: Birth & Death Notices from old Tulsa newspapers are up - see Death Related Info. & Birth Notices

Dec 14, 2008: Marriage Notices from old Tulsa newspapers are up - see marriages

Nov 23, 2008: Slowly but surely the look of the Tulsa site is changing. If you find broken links please let me know. Addresses (Chamber of Commerce, Genealogy Societies, etc) have been updated. See Addresses. Broken Arrow Ledger, special addition 1906 is now up. See BA Ledger. Newspaper page has been updated - see Newspapers. Tulsa Democrat and the Tulsa Indian Republican newspapers are up - follow the link on the newspaper page. The Indian Republican still lacks some formatting and I'll do that as soon as possible.

Oct 9, 2008: History of Tulsa's Post Office & Postmasters - See History

Sep 7, 2008: A short bit of history on the Perryman and Hodge families. See History

Mar 22, 2008: The biggest news is that the Tulsa site has a new home. If you have this site bookmarked please change it to: http://www.tulsaokhistory.com. If you have interior pages bookmarked go back to the main page and follow the links. You may find some broken links and if so please let me know.

(All prior new notes have been removed)

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