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Tulsa County, Oklahoma


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Of all of the records a family historian uses the local newspapers are one of the hardest to find and access yet these small, gossipy, local papers are apt to contain information that can't be found anywhere else. Such items as births, deaths and marriages are often mentioned and the local gossip column chats about who is doing what that week. It's not unusual to find mention of people who are traveling to visit relatives in other places or mention of visitors in town and who they are staying with. Local ads mention names of business and professional men and where their businesses are located. Local papers also published other types of information - such as Warning Orders (notice of pending court cases), Homestead Information, Court dockets, Unpaid tax lists, etc. that can lead the family historian to other source documents.

Local news items recount all kinds of interesting things - from high profile crimes to funny local incidents. Reading these old newspapers gives the family historian a glimpse into the daily lives of their ancestors that simply can't be found anywhere else. For those of you who are not interested in family history, but are interested in the town itself old newspapers offer a fascinating glimpse into the past.

I am transcribing early Tulsa and Indian Territory newspapers (see side links). It is a time consuming, but fun process. If you are interested in contributing to this effort please contact me. (e-mail address at bottom of page)

If you know of a Tulsa county genealogy society (or library) that has copies of their town's papers please let me know so I can add the information here.

Abstracts from special edition of The Broken Arrow Ledger (The July 12th issue has an excellent synopsis of Indian Territory - its people and situation. Even if you're not interested in Broken Arrow this is very helpful information)

Abstracts from The Tulsa Democrat (this paper contains news from all around Indian Territory - not just Tulsa news)

Abstracts from The Tulsa Indian Republican

Birth Notices from Tulsa Indian Territory Newspapers

Marriage Notices from Tulsa Indian Territory Newspapers

Death Notices from Tulsa Indian Territory Newspapers

Where are microfilm copies of Tulsa County Newspapers located and how can I get a look-up?

Tulsa County Current Newspapers

Reprint of 1907 Tulsa World's newspaper- Statehood edition

Index to The Tulsa World's 2007 Centennial series of articles

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