Photos From The Beginning of Tulsa by J M Hall.

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1st Baseball Team names on pg 33
Arthur F Antle pg 83
Thomas J Archer pg 17
Dr J C W Bland pg 85
W. Tate Brady pg 91
George Bullette pg 89
R. N. Bynum pg 88
Rev Leonard P. Davidson pg 28
W.S. Dickason pg 45
H C Calhoun pg 95
Col. Ed Calkin pg 92
Judge Harry Campbell pg 54
B F Colley pg 47
Dr. Fred S. Clinton pg 55
Lee Clinton pg 57
Paul Clinton pg 70
John Day pg 63
Jay Forsythe pg 48
W. B. Frederick pg 93
Robert Frye pg 40
J.M. Gillette pg 66
Charles Haas pg 51
H C Hall pg 7
J M Hall pg 8
R. H. Hall pg 46
W. P. Hall pg 90
W. E. Halsell pg 36
Miss Celeste Harrington pg 27
Reverend Haworth pg 13
Sanford Kelly pg 74
D S G Kennedy pg 51
Dr. C W Kerr pg 33
Mrs. C.W. Kerr pg 34
S. R. Lewis pg 67
Lilah D Lindsay pg 24
A. Lombard pg 59

Dr. R. M. Loughridge pg 12
R. L Lunsford pg 57
C. B. Lynch pg 50
R. E. Lynch pg 90
Will Lynch pg 64
Chauncey A. Owen pg 92
J C Perryman pg 20
Rachel Perryman pg 21
Warfield Phillips pg 76
Albert A. Poage pg 63
Judge L. M Poe pg 54
Pleasant Porter (Creek Chief) pg 19
Dr. C. L. Reeder pg 93
T.E. Smiley pg 95
Lon R. Stansbery pg 50
Ida Stephens pg 23
Mrs. S. J. Stonecipher pg 22
Alice Stringfield pg 27
Bettie Stringfield pg 25
Jennie S. Stringfield pg 25
Fred Turner pg 69
W. G. Williamson pg 71
W.O. Woodley pg 37
H. E. "Bert" Woodward pg 70
James Woolley pg 94
John McBride pg 94
J. H. McBirney pg 49
Sam McBirney pg 59
J. E. Mills pg 73
Rev. George W. Mowbray, Sr pg 45
Chauncey A. Owen pg 92
Dan Patton pg 61
J. Gus Patton pg 62
George Perryman pg 20


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