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 Welcome to the Tulsa County Photo Gallery

Photo Album

Say Hello to our Ancestors and take a peek at Tulsa's past

I would very much like to add photos of early Tulsa County people. Do you have early photos you are willing to share? If you do please read the instructions.


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Places & Things of Tulsa Co

The no-frills operating room of Tulsa's first hospital, in 1911.
First School 1884
First Public School
1st Presbyterian Church
Tulsa as a Tent City
1893 Platt of Tulsa
1st Newspaper (building)
1895 Ad for Tulsa Businesses
Downtown Sapulpa ready for a parade
Prairie Oil Co Workers (w/names)
1st National Bank
Tulsa Hospital (1906)
Indian Painting by Woody Crumbo
Tulsa 1910
Hall Store approx 1883/84
Skinner's Gro Sapulpa (Tulsa Spirit pg 47)
2nd & Main Street - Tulsa ca 1894
Tulsa at Night
Smith Bros Coal Mine - Dawson
Early Tulsa Fire Engine
Main Street Broken Arrow, Oct 16, 1905
Ma-Hu Mansion - Tulsa
Grand Opera House
Council Oak Tree
Downtown Tulsa 1950
Tulsa County Fire Department - Lots of old photos
Broken Arrow, Main street, ca 1905

Tulsa Times Index with Photo Links

Penny Postcards with some history to go with them

Tulsa International Airport - Penny Postcards
Tulsa University - Penny Postcard
Mid-Continent Oil Refinery & Tulsa Skyline - Penny Postcard
"New" YMCA Building - Penny Postcard
Robinson Hotel - Penny Postcard
"New" Postoffice - Penny Postcard
Central High School - Penny Postcard
Will Rogers High School - Penny Postcard
First Methodist Church - Penny Postcard
Old Tulsa Postcards (outside link)
Postcards - Tulsa Retro Internet Museum (outside link)

People of Tulsa County

Photos from the book "The Beginning of Tulsa"
Milo T. Reed, Tulsa's first door-to-door mailman, in 1908.
James Dixon Hughes, Tulsa's first photographer, began business in the early 1890's
F.C. Alder, Tulsa's first fire chief
Frank Seaman, Local doctor. Before the arrival of Tulsa's first dentist local doctor pulled teeth.
The Rev Sylvester Morris, an itinerant preacher
Dick Bacon and his son Lee
Billy Bruner, a Creek legend
Wes Kennedy & Wife 1898. The city's first marshal
Tulsa Temperance Union 1906
Tulsa Christian Temperance Union 1893 ladies including Lilah Lindsey (standing left) and Mrs. George (Hannah) Mowbray (standing right)
Tulsa ladies weren't above a friendly hand of poker.
Lillie Wimberly 1902
Dr. J C W Bland and his wife Sue's Wedding photo
Robert Galebreath
Smith, John Nelson Family
Smith Bros & wives
Holbrook, Charlie & Dave
Lewis McHenry, Minnie Chisolm, Ida Kelly McHenry, Ella Perryman
John Queen Family
Barbara Guthrie - World War II Museum
Barbara Guthrie & Darreld Jay Silas - Lakeview Amusement Park
Holy Family Cathedral
Billy Bruner
Ella and Nellie Davis
Oldest surviving house in Tulsa
Ralph Britt & his Orchestra, Tulsa Hotel, 1935
Penny Postcards - (outside link) Great pictures!
Wonderful photos - (outside link)Tulsa Preservation Commission

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