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Adding Photos to the web is not nearly as simple as adding text. Most photos take some work to get them "squished" down and cleaned up. If you have photos of your Tulsa County Ancestors, pictures of early Tulsa County (buildings, school photos, picnics, etc.) and would like to have them on the Tulsa County Site please follow the instructions below - Carefully!

Please send your photos and questions direct to me. Thanks [an error occurred while processing this directive]

If you can scan your own photo, please save as a JPEG .jpg, not gif. (I have to convert .gif's to .jpg's and lots of detail is lost in the conversion)

Please scan at NO LESS than 200 dpi. This resolution is a large file but my e-mail providers allow large attachments. This resolution gives me a lot to work with and you will have a better photo as a result.

If you are scanning a newspaper photo or a photo from a book scan at 300+ dpi. To remove the "grainy" effect of these types of photos requires a high resolution.

Please include, in order, the names of the people in the pictures so I know who is who. ( ex. front row from left to right). If you do not know who the people are please say so and give me as much information as possible about where the photo came from, etc.

Please include the approx. date of the picture if known or at least a range of time and location of where they lived at the time the picture was taken. These things will help others possibly connect to your families. Include in your e-mail some information on the person or people or family in the photo so I can add it to the "Meet xxx" page. You can look at some of the photos that have been submitted and get an idea of what to include in your e-mail.

We do not have unlimited space on the web server so please pick your best photo of your ancestor and send it. We cannot handle several photos of the same person.

 If you don't have a scanner I'm sure you have shops where you can go to get copies made. Take a disk with you. Once you have a digital file copy of the picture, you just have to attach the file to an e-mail and send to me. I do not want to be responsible for an original photo nor should you trust it to snail mail.

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