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Graphics by Rhio


Prairie Oil Company
Tulsa, OK

Courtesy Oil and Gas Journal

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Photo of people named below

The workers at the Prairie Oil and Gas Company's Tulsa warehouse

(from left to right) Front Row: H N Shoemaker, boiler-maker's helper; W L Roach, blacksmith's helper; Clarence Rhodes, hammer driver; M Felding, boiler-maker's helper; C F Cox, boiler-maker's helper; John Dunlap, boiler-maker's helper; R S Peters, boiler-maker; "Old Bird", mascot; Irving Hughlett, machinist apprentice; and James Williford, machinist apprentice. 2nd Row F L Whitaker, yard foreman; John Flanagan, night watchman; W H Norwood, machinist helper; Fred Smalley, teamsters' helper; W A Burton, yardman; C H Chance, machinist helper; A Hawkinson, machinst; G E Davis, floorman; J E Musgraves, machinist; E M McCann, blacksmith; Joe Root, machinist apprentice. 3rd row, Fred Miller, yardman; W E Peace, assistant foreman; J O Howard, yardman; Ed Marler, teamster; C M Worley, yardman; C S Oliver, teamster; M C Williford, machinist helper; F L Benson, machinist; George Chandler, floorman; Ray Hetzer, floorman; E E Clulow, floorman; Harald Hough, yardman; C J Buller, carpenter; J H Reed, machinist helper; and Tom Cline, pattern-makers' apprentice. 4th row, J E Winger, operator; L D Armstrong, clerk; and Robert Jacobs, carpenter. Back row, M J Flanagan, foreman, boiler dept; F S Gray, general foreman; and T J Flanagan, foreman of the matching and blacksmith shops. (Courtesy Oil and Gas Journal - reprinted in Images of America; Tulsa Where The Streets Were Paved With Gold; Pg 57; Clyda R Franks; Arcadia Publishing; Chicago IL; 2000)

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