Tulsa Times A Pictorial History:
The Early Years

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Photographs From the Beryl D. Ford Collection
Text by Susan Everly-Douze
Edited by Terrell Lester
(c) 1986 by: World Publishing company
318 S. Main Mall
P.O. Box 1770
Tulsa, Ok 74102

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Community Roots

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Description of the photos. My comments are between the [ ] Author's captions are in black.


[Photo of Tulsa's first school and church, 1884, Fourth Street and Boston Ave. Includes the students in front of the building]


Community Roots: [short narrative]

Religion and education always have been important to Tulsans. In pioneer days, when the boisterous cow town, a haven for gamblers and outlaws, was trying to grow into a community, these institutions were intertwined. And for both, the going frequently was rough. ..... times weren't easy for early-day preachers and their flocks. The Presbyterians' first minister, The Rev. W.P. Haworth, was struck by an unrepentant sinner after a fiery sermon on the evils of drink. Another pioneer preacher, The Rev. Sylvester Morris, was mistaken by US marshals for a whiskey peddler and was shot dead in his buggy. Drunken cowboys routinely used church windows for target practice, sending worshippers diving to the floor. A Methodist Christmas program was the antithesis of peace on earth when a "bunch of rowdies" celebrated by throwing whiskey bottles and firing shots at the cedar Christmas tree. ... By 1909, Tulsa had 12 churches and eight public schools. What's more by 1907, only 24 years after young Tulsans had only a gambler to teach them, the community had a college ... Henry Kendall College (today the University of Tulsa)


[Left Photo: Dr. R M Loughridge, Presbyterian minister. Right photo: The Rev William Penn Haworth - Presbyterian minister who preached his first sermon in 1888 and was mugged the next day because of it. He resigned and moved to CA]


[Photo of the first mission school - 1884 - Fourth Street and Boston Ave]


[Same school - showing the addition of a 2nd story - 1899]


[Photo on the left: Very fuzzy photo of the Methodist Episcopal Church Main and Cameron streets (later the First Methodist Church) - 1887. Rev George Mowbray was the minister. Photo on the right: The First Methodist Church in about 1904 at Fifth Street and Boulder Ave]


[Top photo: Boston Ave Methodist Church congregation in 1893 posing in front of the Mission School where they held their services. Bottom photo is of the new church built in 1908 at Fifth Street and Boston Ave.]


[Top Photo: Holy Family - Tulsa's first catholic church, third Street and Elgin Ave in 1911. Bottom photo: 1899 photo of the First Presbyterian church]


[First Baptist Church, Fourth Street and Cincinnati Ave - 1908]


[Photo of Tulsa's first Tulsa High School building - 1906. The old mission school was torn down to make room for this school.]


[Top photo: Main building of Kendall College - 1908. Lower left photo: Interior shot of the entrance hall to Kendall Hall. Lower right photo:]Interior shot of the entrance hall to Robinson Hall (the dormitory)].


[Photo of the 1903 students at Union School - a few miles east of what is today 51st and Memorial Drive]


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