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Information curtsey of Priscilla Arnold

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Yearbooks (stored in the basement, must be requested from the reference desk) All of these annuals are from the 1900s.

Bishop Kelly High School "Crest" 64,65,66,67,68,71,73,75,82,93,94

Cascia Hall "Towers" 44,45,46,47,50-62,64,66-76

Central High School "Tom Tom" 10-40,42-49,52-62,64,66-69,73,75,Reunion booklets for Class of 26 and 41

Central State Normal-Edmond 14,20,26

Cherokee "Tomahawk" 48-51

East Central High School "Cardinal" 55,59,60,62-65,67-74

Edison High School "Torch" 56,58,62,63,65-68,70,80

Hillcrest School of Nursing "Embryo" 45

Holland Hall "Eight Acres" 46,49,50,62-67,69-76,86

Holy Family "Spires" 48,53-54

Marion Anderson Junior High "Hummingbird" 66

McClain 63-71,77-80

Memorial High School "Taps" 63-76

Monte Cassino "Ariel & "Pax"(after 56) 47-51,54,56,74,76,80

Nathan Hale "Patriot" 62-76

Oklahoma A and M Okmulgee 48

Oklahoma Baptist "Yahnsen" 73

Oklahoma College of Osteopathic Medicine "Aesculapian" 75-76

Oklahoma Military Academy "Guidon" 37,38

Oklahoma State University "Redskin" 14,15,20,25-34,40,43,44,47-50,52,54,56-58,63,64,66-78,80-85

Oral Roberts University 66-71,74-76,96-97,97/98

Owasso High School "Trails End" 69,70,72

St.Gregory College "Gregorian" 68-69

Tsa-La-Gi 25

University Of Oklahoma "Sooner" 12,15,20,22-25,27-31,33-36,38-51,54,60-62,65,66,70,74,75

University of Tulsa 13-16,20-31,35-43,45-75,77-85,88-91

Washington High School "Hornets" 74-80,86,93,94

Webster High School "Warrior" 48,49,52-60,64-68,72,74,76,77

Will Rogers High School "Lariat" 40,41,43-50,52-62,64,65,67-78,81,84,85,87-89,92,95,96

Woodrow Wilson Junior High "Statesman" 29,31-32,69-70,72

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