Tulsa Central High School
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Index to the 1910 Tom-Tom

Submitted by: Priscilla Arnold

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Opened in 1917, the old Central High School at Sixth Street and Cincinnati Avenue was a city beauty spot. It was the second largest High School in the nation in 1937-38 with an enrollment of 5,169.

Tulsa Central's school annual (yearbook) is named the Tom-Tom. Copies of many of the old annuals are found in the reference section of the Central Library, Tulsa, OK.

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p7 To Tulsa High School Faculty
Especially MR. Robert R. Short
the 1910 Tom Tom is Respectfully Dedicated

Photo, High School Building, p8

Photo, J.G. Masters Supt, p9

Board Of Education: p10
Mr. A.W. Belt
Dr. E.C. Reed
Mr A.Y. Boswell
Mr. Charles T. Reuter
Mr. S.W. Marr
Mr. J.I. Gillispie
Mr. Dan Hunt
Mr. A. A. Bumgarner

Photo, Mr Frederick J. Katz. Principal, p11

Photo, Miss Edith E Finlayson (Latin), p 12
Photo Miss Crete Museller (English), p12
Photo Mr. R.R. Short (Science), p12
Photo Miss Eunice M. Robards (German), p13
Photo, Miss Ethelyn N. Albert (Mathematics), p13
Photo Miss Effie Stephens (History), p13
Photo Miss Leon Kate Sparks (English) p.13

The Hall Of Fame, p15
	Lellah Gordon
	Lillian Shereck
	Alice Wilson
	Riale M'Lane
	Loyd Essley
	Olive Porter
	Frankie Colley
	Florence Heald
	Gladys Stebbins
	Gail Swartz
	George Murphy
	Fay Argue
	Willie Eilson
	Twyleah Springer
	Corrine Carter
	Grace Chartier
	Hilda Jones
	Louise Kerstetter
	Helen Alvey
	Mabel Archer
	Nellie Burroughs

Class Officers p.16
T.	Tennis
B.B.	Basket Ball
F.B.	Foot Ball
E.	Editorial Staff
S.	Senate
A.	Acorn
At.	Athenian
C.	Castalian
B.Z.	Beta Zeta
V. Lillian Shreck (president)
Florence Rebecca Heald (Vice-President)
Loyd Essley (Secretary and Treasurer)
Photo, V. Lillian Francis Schreck  (B.Z., T.E), p17
Photo, Florence Rebecca Heald (B.B., V., A., T., E.), p17
Photo, Loyd G. Essley (At. Sec.), p18
Photo, Frank Charlotte Colley (S., T., E.,), p18
Photo, Gladys LaBelle Stebbins (E., B.Z., T.), p19
Photo, Fay Doris Argue (E., B.Z., B.B., T.), p19
Photo, Hilda Glenn Jones (E., B.Z., T.), p20
Photo, Helen Louise Alvey (C., T,), p20
Photo, Twyla Opal Springer (S.E.), p21
No Photo, Grace Chartier, (T., C., E.) p21
Photo, Lellah Marie Gordon (E., A.), p22
Photo Louise Kerstetter (E., B.Z., T., E.), p22
Photo Riale P. McLane (F.B., A.F.), p23
Photo Mabel Archer (C.), p23
Photo Nellie Buroughs (A.), p24
Photo, Willie Craig Wilson (A., T.), p24
Photo Olive Porter (B.B., T., A., E.), p25
Photo, Lillian Alice Wilson, (B.B., T., C.) p25
Photo, Gail Swartz (A.), p26
Photo Corrine Carter (C.), p26
Photo George E. Murphy (F.B., B.B., B.Z.), p27

Class Poem p28

Class History* p29-31

Class Prophecy* p32-33

Junior Cass p35
		Mabel Butts	President
		Florence Braymer	Vice President
		Mona Scott	Secretary and Treasurer
		Mabel Butts
		Lois Lee
		Marie Fagan
		Mona Scott
		Jane Neeves
		Hattie McDowell
		Bruce McAllister
		Mac Rupp
		Nancy Younkman
		Clara Pitt
		Grace Shields
		Itolia Roberson
		Florence Morrison
		Irene Delaney
		Grace Wilson
		Fredrica Probst
		Mattie Yonkman
		Jessie Miles
		Heber Smittle
		Alta Taylor
		Myrtle Dunlap
		Kathleen Chastain
		Florence Braymer
		Lillie Davis
		Ida Chamberlain
		Ruth Thomas
		Mary Frederick
		Sarah Cummings
		Elizabeth Kiper

Photos of Junior Class p 36

Junior Charactertstics* p37

Senior Characteristics As Seen By The Juniors* p38

Sophomores: p40
		President	David Livingston
		Vice President	Kate Rankin
		Secretary	John Curran
		Treasurer	Venetta Jones
Photo, David Livingston President, p41
Photo Kate Ranken Vice President p41
Photo John Curran Secretary p41
Photo Venetta Jones Treasurer p41

Photo, Sophmore Class, p42

With The Sophomores(descriptions*) p43-45
	David Livingston
	Kate Rankin
	John Curran
	Venetta Jones
	Hume Hayes
	Mary Gerner
	Dayton Bullington
	Effie Bliss
	Bruce Martin
	Esther Hoss
	Perry Erwin
	James Cross
	Warren Snyder
	Cassie Holloway
	Frank Schreck
	Eudora Mitchell
	Don Roy
	Florence Colley
	Jessie Bullette
	Charlie Setser
	Ethel Setser
	Emma Rilla Johnson
	True Foster
	Bethel Cone
	Ella Neet
	Lena Johnson
	Ralph Baker
	Annabelle Lammer
	Loyd Brush
	Laura Horton
	Hugh Simmons
	Opal Wilcockson
	Early Cass
	Rosa Butler
	Helen Ford

Freshman Class Photo, p47

Photo, Cramond Wakefield (President) p48
Freshman-The Historian p49*

Ne_Ne-Hofra-The Curious  -by Kate Ranken p50-54

T.H.S. Primer p55-56

The School Girl's Paslm Of Life p57

To Mr. Short* p58

Science Department* p59

Article I, Section 8* p60

Ode to Physics p61

Parody on Hear Dem Bells p62

Alumni Notes* p63
	The announcement has been made of the engagement of Miss Nellie Neves ('05) to Mr. Chas. Roiser, of this city.  The marriage will take place June 1st.
	Miss Francis Sleeper ('05) has moved with her parents to Oklahoma City.
	Miss Eva Torbet's ('07) home is now San Angelo, Texas.
	Ivan Romig ('07) is running a college supply store at Tallequah.
	Misses Emily Lewis ('08) and Lucile Elingwood ('09) are students at the Chicago University.
	Don Anchors ('08) wrote and staged "The Coachman" here ladt winter.  Understand he is in Kansas City studying and gathering material for another drama.
	Myrl Koons ('07) is in Indianapolis, Indiana, studying to become a Kindergarten teacher.
	A. Ray Wiley ('09) and Young Mitchell ('09) are attending the State University.
	Mr. Maurice Rushmore ('09) is in the offices of the Oklahoma Iron Works.
	Miss Nellie Holloway ('08) and Mr. bert McLane ('08) are students of the Tulsa Business College.
	Mr. Otis McClintock ('09) is in the offices of the Gulf Pipe Line Co.
	Miss Mary McKinley is having success as a music teacher in tehis city.
	Ewell Schoffiied ('08), Paul Wilson ('08) and Pearl Alexander ('07) are students at Kendall.
	Mr. Roy Ruggles ('08) is an a down town drug store.
	Mrs. Hazel (Rike) Dickerson ('06) has made her home in this city.
	Geraldin Braymer ('09), Nellie Bullitte ('09), Alta Cass ('09), Ruby Henderson ('09), Zetta Isenberger ('07), Florence McNicholl ('08), Belva Mitchell ('05), Margurite Moran ('09), Kate North ('09), Edna Ruggles ('07), Dencie Stibbens ('06), Erith Thurman ('09), Valing Yeager ('09), have their homes in this city.
	Heron Fountain ('09) is attending the M. U.
	The following have become "Schoolmarms:" Ruth Fesslie ('08), Rosa Graffirs ('08), Anna Graffirs ('09), Mildred Jones ('07), Irma Koons ('08), Irma Moore ('09), Doris Probst ('08), Elsa Probst ('09), Ruth Trees ('06), Iva Wikhiser ('08).
	Guy Johnson ('09) is in the grocery business in this city.
	Roy Mors ('05) is living in Sapulpa.
	Mary Nickelson ('07) was attending Hardin College, but left on account of sickness.
	Miss Jessie Mitchell ('08) has been studying at the Chicago University.

Photo, Boy's Debating Club, p65

Athenian Debating Society: p66
	John Curran
	David Livingston
				First Semester		Second Semester
	President		Bruce McAllister	Don Roy
	Vice President		David Livingston	Lloyd Essley
	Secretary		Heber Smittle		John Curran
	Treasurer and 
         Sergeant-at-arms	Perry Erwin		Perry Erwin
	Critic			Hume Hayes		Hume Hayes
	Riffe Webb
	Don Roy
	John Curran
	Hume Hayes
	David Livingston
	Harold Delaney
	Heber Smittle
	Charlie Setzer
	Frank Malcom
	Bruce Martin
	Richard Hitchens
	Reamer Loomis
	Warren Snyder
	Charlie Fox
	Frank Davidson
	Forest Kramer
	Price Colley

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