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The Indian Republican
Tulsa, Indian Territory
Volume 6. Number 13. Whole Number 274
June 17, 1898 (Part 1)

Abstracted / Transcribed by Linda Haas Davenport

When the print is so faded that it cannot be read <.....> will be used . All transcription will be as found in the paper, misspellings and all

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 Page 1, columns 1-5

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Page 1, column 1

 [article on the Curtis Bill's Progress]

Defends Judge Thomas.
       Editor Republican: - Your last week's issue contained a copy of a personal thrust at Hon. John R Thomas, Judge of the northern district of the Indian Territory. The article originally came from the Capital, published at South McAlester, and is the offspring of an intense sectional hatred of those who fought on the other side; and this is his first opportunity to give vent to the natural grown of a partisan feeling that the writer has long fostered. Judge Thomas can hardly be effected by such slang. A man that gave four years of the best portion of his sixty to his country's service, and carries for a third of a century the leaden bullet that made him a cripple for a lifetime, cannot be abused very
Page 1, column 2
much by such contumely as emanates in this slanderous article, when the most serious charge it contains against him is the natural parental pride he had as a father to see his son, who enlisted as a private, receive the sanction of his Company to the promotion of one of the company officers. The young man's fine physical appearance and mental qualifications at once made him a favorite with his comrades, as well as a pride to his father, who, with all loyal patriots throughout our land, are doing all they can to aide the government in its mission of mercy in behalf of the down trodden of the Island of Cuba and because the old veteran father was glad t see his son receive a worthy honor in the way of a commission, and doubtless did whatever he could that was honorable to assist his son, a stay-at-home nickinpoop down on the rock-ribbed side hills of South McAlester, has presumed to be offended and in revenge bathed himself in the filthy waters of modern Siloam. An Old Soldier.

Page 1, column 2 & 3

[article about Lieutenant Hobson and the sinking of his battleship in the Cuban Harbor]

Page 1, column 3

Broken Arrow Items
   Fine growing weather.
   Harvesting has begun in earnest now.
   Mr. and Mrs. W G Bass went to Tulsa last week.
   Mrs. Fry has been confined to her bed with Rheumatism.
   Berry Hogan and family went down to attend the memorial services.
   The showers we had Sunday night did lots of good to the growing crops.
   Miss Ella Bright of Claremore, is visiting her sister, Mrs. Wilson, of Fry vicinity.
   Several of the girls of Broken arrow were water bound across Haikey creek Sunday.
   The memorial services were very well attended last week. Rev. Perryman made a short talk, followed by David Hodge.
   The celebration is being pushed right along, we have a nice place to hold our celebration this year and are looking for a large crowd.
   Arthur Toon was stung by a centipede on the breast and back Sunday while at church. The centipede was on his clothing when he put it on, he said it was very painful Sunday. A person should be very careful about such things in this wild country where centipedes and such poisonous creepers abound.
   Chas. Riley came over from Sapulpa Sunday, and Sunday night turned his horse in McKim's barn lot where an old well was, and the horse fell in the well. Monday all day 12 men were engaged in digging him out. The horse is hurt some but, we think, not serious. This should be a lesson to people who have old wells around. They should be filled or covered up, is the advice of, Aunt Susan

Page 1, columns 4 & 5

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Page 1, columns 4

[ad] - Lower Ferry. This ferry is now in the best of shape and equipped with a new boat. Cross where you can get a good landing. Perryman Ferry.

Page 1, columns 5

[ad] - Division Question Settled. Dixon & Manon divides profits with their customers. Call and see them at their new Second Hand Store on East Second street, Tulsa, Ind. Ter.

Page 2, columns 1

INDIAN REPUBLICAN Published Every Friday. L J Smith, Editor, Tulsa, Indian Territory

The Spaniards are past masters in a certain kind of courtesy. Every time they sustsin a defeat the minister on duty at that particular hour proceeds to cable congratulations to his vanquished and retreating countrymen.

Leiter has retired temporarily from the wheat business, and will do nothing more in aid of the farmers until after they shall have raised and harvested another crop. He believes that the farmers should to some extent to be self-supporting.

There has been but little derangement of commerce in the United States by reason of the war, but a considerable derangement of Spanish fortifications has resulted, and business in this country is picking up fast as the enemy's resources are being curtailed.

Admiral Sampson is causing the rapid depletion of the stock of projectiles in the hands of the Spaniards at Santiago; and the best of it is they can not replenish their stock, while a ceaseless supply is being sent to keep the magazines of our fighting ships filled.

The French and Russian governments are exchanging views as to the expediency of subjecting such conquests as the United States may make and hold good in China seas to European sanction at a conference or congress. They might was well save their wind.

Austria realizes that its international influence amounts to little except in eastern Europe. It has decided to spend $30,000,000 within the next six years on battleships and cruisers, with three armored monitors for the Danube flotilla. But Austria must put more money than that into ships if it proposes to meddle with the affairs of the United States.

Lieut. Hobson had to contend against the elements, against the Spanish batteries, against the destruction of his own vessel, against sharks, and against the hostility of his captures, when he took the Merrimac into Santiago harbor and sunk her. There was only one desperate chance in a thousand that he would survive the perilous undertaking, but he accepted it and won.

Ex-President Harrison thus pays a merited compliment to the United States navy: "I consider the American navy, ship for ship, gun for gun, and man for man, unequaled by any navy in the world to-day. The courage and daring of our men, the personnel of the officers of our ships, the gunnery, the nerve and spirit manifested in all offer to the world the spectacle of a navy for which there is no superior."

The best of Cervera's ships are still afloat, and it is to be hoped they will remain afloat. Of course Spain's ownership of then will soon end in any case, but if they remain above water they will be a very valuable accession to Uncle Sam's navy. There is a chance that Sampon may sink them in the fight, or, if they escape destruction from this source, Cervera may blow them up as he abandons them.

The American army is likely to have in its ranks at least one full-blooded Chinese, Ong Q Tow, of Santa Ana, Calif., a citizen of the United States, who voted at the last presidential election is a recruit for Company L, Seventh California volunteers. He successfully passed the necessary examinations and fully established his right to respond to the cry of "Johnnie get your gun." He is even willing to sacrifice his queue, if necessary.

The four new coast defense vessels are to be the most formidable of their kind yet constructed. They will have a speed of 12 knots, 12-foot draught, 12-inch barbettes, 12-inche Hichborn inclined turrets, 12-inch guns, 12-inch armor, each of their twin screws will be driven by 1,200 horse power engines and each vessel will cost $1,250,000, and are to be completed within 12 months. Here is a combination of "twelves" that should win a dozen victories.

Madrid is in something like a panic over the situation in the Philippines. They have crimination and recrimination in the cortes on account of the collapse of Spanish power in the islands. Conseratives are laying the blame for the disaster on the liberals, and the liberals are accusing the conservatives, while the Carlists and the republicans are denouncing both. It is not a pleasant situation for the young king and his mother, the queen regent, to contemplate. American naval etiquette had a striking exemplification the other day when Admiral Cervera's chief of staff, Capt. Oviedo visited the New York bearing news of Lient. Hobson and his men. As the captain spoke his last words and turned to go every officer saluted, the entire marine force under arms stood at a "present" and the sailors at an "attention." No salute was ever better executed and the Spanish captain knew he was receiving the very highest honors of his rank, perfectly executed.

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