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 The Indian Republican
Tulsa, Indian Territory
Volume 6. Number 13. Whole Number 274
June 17, 1898 (Part 3)

Abstracted / Transcribed by Linda Haas Davenport

When the print is so faded that it cannot be read <.....> will be used . All transcription will be as found in the paper, misspellings and all

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 Page 2, column 4

Please Note: The paper includes some pages that are preprinted. I will transcribe this page in full for this first issue - in subsequent issues I'll either skip these pages or only note items of major interest


A Georgia Saloon Keeper Shoots a Soldier
at Chickamauga Park in a Quarrel.
Soldiers Get an Outing to Visit Chattanooga, Lookout Mountain
and Missionary Ridge Jerked from the Top of a Moving Train
by Crosswires and Severely Injured.
      CHICKAMAUGA PARK, GA., June 13 - A much needed rain fell yesterday, beginning at two o'clock and continuing almost without intermission until six o'clock, cooling the atmosphere and laying the dust. The roads had, through constant use of heavy army wagons become almost impassable from heavy dust, which in some places was from five to six inches deep.
      The men in camp were relieved yesterday morning from any duties, and hundreds were given leave to visit the city, Lookout mountain and Missionary.
      An incident occurred at Lytle, the camp station, that will probably terminate the existence of the illicit whisky shops and gambling dens which have up to this time been permitted to ply their business by the Georgia authorities without hindrance. A private of the Twenty-first Kansas who had been drinking at the whisky dive of one Joe Baker, became involved in a difficulty with the barkeeper. Blows followed, and Baker drew a revolver and fired point blank at the soldier, the bullet, it was claimed by the soldier, striking him near the left eye, inflicting a sever wound, which may cause the loss of the eye.
      The fight attracted the attention of the throngs on the streets of the mushroom town, and soon a crowd of soldiers rushed in; but Baker, fearing trouble, had gotten out of the way.
      A large body of soldiers formed with the purpose of handling him severely and avenging the injury to their comrade, and for awhile it looked as if there would be serious trouble. An armed guard, however, was quickly detailed by order of Gen. Brooke, who took charge of Baker and his place and order was soon restored. The soldier was taken to his division hospital where the surgeon investigated his injuries. He found a wound as indicated but thought the injury had been caused by a bit of broken glass, and not by a bullet, a splinter of glass being found sticking in the eyeball.
      After the shooting a number of soldiers discovered that the gambling den was running a brace game, and that the difficulty between the soldier and Baker had resulted from the fact that the latter had been playing the former with loaded dice. It took the soldiers only a few minutes to demolish the place. They broke up the furniture, scattered the gambling paraphernalia in the street, and were only deterred from pulling the house down by the arrival of the officers.
      It is stated that a number of good citizens in the vicinity will, because of the failure of the Georgia officers to enforce the law, petition that the portion of Walker county in the vicinity of the park be put under martial law, so that Gen. Brooke can administer the law on the lawless element now doing a thriving business here.
      Every train from the part yesterday morning was crowded with soldiers who had been given permission to visit the city and the mountain.
      One of the trains from the park was crowded to suffocation, and a number of soldiers mounted the top of the coaches. At a point about three miles from Chattanooga, a number of telegraph wires crossed the track of the railroads, which the soldiers' train was passing. When the train reached this point C.H. Aemes, Third Illinois, Thomas Barrett, Fourteenth New York and "Judd' Sharp, Sixteenth Pennsylvania, were standing on top of a car and, not having a knowledge of the wires, were caught under the chin and around the neck by one of the wires and dragged off the car.
      The train was running at the rate of 25 miles an hour at the time, but, as soon as the accident became known the train stopped, the three men picked up and taken back to the hospital. None of the men were fatally injured, the force of the fall being broken by Sharp catching on to this comrades. They were badly bruised and scratched, but no bones were broken and no internal injuries were inflicted. They were doing well and resting easily at six o'clock last evening.

Criminal Carelessness Results in a Fatal Collision
Between Freight Trains on the Central Ohio Railroad.
      ZANESVILLE, O., June 13 - Two freight engines collided on the Central Ohio near here yesterday morning and Engineer Mullen lost his life. Engineer Floyd had his leg mashed and scaled, and Brakeman Henry Lost has his back hurt. Property loss was small. Engineer Floyd and his conductor overlooked orders.

Page 2, column 5

Foreign Money for American Farmers Over Eight Million for the Current Year.
[Lengthy Article]

     What Sampson Gains by Controlling the Outer Harbor of Guantanamo - Dragged for Mines and Found None.
[Lengthy Article]

Page 3, column 1 - 3

     What the Church Should be in Relation to Its Worshippers. Rev. Dr. Talmage Says All the Various Potions of the Service Should be Practical, Homely Helps for Everybody. <Lengthy Article>

Page 3, columns 4 & 5

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Page 4, column 1

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Indian Republican. Published Every Friday. L. J. Smith, Editor. Entered at the Post Office at Tulsa, Ind. Ter. as second class matter for transportation through the mails. A Dollar A Year In Advance.

     It is said that hell is paved with good intentions and it may be true, but a good country road cannot be paved with good intentions unless the ground work is hard dollars.
      Several times Monday in substance this was said to us: that is right, whoop her up on the road question, give it to 'em till the roads are what they ought to be. This paper is in no fight with anyone nor will it be if persuasion and agitation, time and labor on its part will cause the roads to be made what they ought to be, then rest assured they will be as they ought to be. The Republican is the paper that sprung the question and it will keep it before the people.

     June 14th marked the birthday of the American Flag. In many parts of the United States appropriate exercises were held in honor of this anniversary occasion. One hundred and twenty-one years have elapsed since the formal adoption of the stars and stripes, the exact date of this picturesque and interesting event being June 14, 1777. Up to that time various emblems had been used, but without satisfaction. With the adoption of the stars and stripes it was decided to make them each thirteen in number in order to correspond with the thirteen states. Later on it was decided with the admission of each new state to increase both the number of stars and the stripes in number, but this soon gave promise of destroying the beauty of the flag, and accordingly in 1813 it was decided to fix the
Page 4, column 2
      number of stripes permanently at thirteen representing the original colonies, and to make the stars alone variable. Since the birthday of the nation's flag thirty-two states have been added to the union, showing within the time which has elapsed vast progress has been wrought. Under the circumstances which surround the country at the present time the observance of flag day this year was characterized by unusual interest.

[article] - Taking the dynamite cruiser Vesuvius to task for not doing its job - no headline listed]

[remainder of the Flag article]

[long article on the Vesuvius cruiser]

Page 4, column 3 & 4

[article] - about the successful landing of American troops upon Cuban soil - no headline listed]

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