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 The Indian Republican
Tulsa, Indian Territory
Volume 6. Number 13. Whole Number 274
June 17, 1898 (Part 4)

Abstracted / Transcribed by Linda Haas Davenport

When the print is so faded that it cannot be read <.....> will be used . All transcription will be as found in the paper, misspellings and all

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 Page 4, column 4 & 5

Patriotic Appendicitis.
    One class of scientists tell us that the embyronic firemists contain us all; and that the only difference between stone, tree, fish, bird, monkey and man is development, and that the different stages are mile posts along the upward road ....
Page 4, column 5
[continuation of Patriotic Appendicitis]

    Between S C Davis and Lochapocha Town Officials, Granting Him All the Rights and Privileges of Conducting Busk Next Month. This contract and agreement entered into on this the 26th day of May A.D. 1898, by and between Mooser Narharkey, Wattie Beaver, Siyer Buttons, Town Cheifs and head officials of Lochapoka, Town, in the Creek Nation, parties of the first part, and Samuel C. Davis part of the second part,
      Witnesseth: - The said parties of the first part have this day and do by these presents employ the said party of the second part, to make arrangements, superintend, and control the annual Busk or Stomp Dance, to be held in the month of July A.D. 1898, at their grounds, about one mile south of Tulsa, I.T., giving unto the said part of the second part the absolute right to conduct and control the same in the manner he may see proper, upon the following conditions to-wit; - the part of the second part is to let all stand privileges, of whatever kind, also to charge such admission at the gate as entrance fee as he may deem proper, said parties of the first part to have twenty-five percent of all such revenues collected, less the amounts expended for supplies, furnished, and for other expenses incured in carrying on and maintaining, said Busk or Stomp Dance. Party of the second part agrees to use his utmost endeavors to maintain good order during said dance, and in case the said Busk or Stomp dances are continued from year to year hereafter, the said part of the second part is asked to be the manager and have the same control of such Busks or Stomp dances, as is given him under this contract.
      In testimony whereof we have hereunto set our hands on this the 29th day of May, 1898. Mooser Narharkey; Waittie Beaver; Siyer (x his mark) Buttons - parties of the first part. Sam'l C Davis, - party of the second part. Witnessed by: F M Ericksten; Chilly Morgan; P E Coyne.

Page 5, column 1

Local Paragraphs
   J M Morrow, druggist.
   Miss Mary Watson is spending the week with friends in Catoosa.
   A C Archer is head-quarters for fishing nets.
   The present weather is not provocative of smiles among our wheat men.
   Order your ice at the Tulsa meat market.
   The weather since our last issue has been cloudy with rain almost every day.
   F R Winters has added a complete line of coffins to his hardware.
   Miss Mary Davis left today for a protracted visit with her sister at Claremore.
   Car load of barb wire just received at A C Archer's.
   Mildred Thompson is spending several weeks with her sister, Mrs. Lon Lewis.
   The Tulsa Meat market will deliver you ice any place in town.
   Mrs. A B Brady recently returned from a visit to her daughters at Sapulpa.
   Soda fountain at Basement Ice Cream Parlor. Coolest place in town.
   Joe Connell wishes to state that he will close his barber shop at 11 o'clock on the 4th.
   A car load of barb wire just received at F R Winters.
   Plenty of room for stock and cattlemen at Basement Ice Cream Parlor - always cool.
   Try those home cured hams at the Tulsa meat market.
   Miss Bessie Lilly, a popular belle of El Reno, Oklahoma, is stopping at the St. Elmo this week.
   Hardware and stoves at A C Archer's.
   John Brady spent Sunday in Sapulpa. An attraction to be a drawing card down there for him.
   The Centaur ventilating zinc collar pads - just the thing for your horses at A C Archer's.
   George Kilcoyne returned the latter part of last week from a visit to home folks at Independence, Kansas.
   Car load of the celebrated Studebaker wagons for sale by A C Archer.
   The Arkansas river has been on a high this week. It seems that this murky stream is never at rest.
   New binder twine at A C Archer's.
   Rev E H Broyles and wife, of Claremore, are spending the week with friends and relatives in the city.
   Everything in the furniture line at A C Archer's.
   Arthur Bynum returned home from school at Springfield, Mo., yesterday. He made great progress the past school term.
   J E Thomas and family, of Wagoner, are here on a visit to relatives. They expect to return to their home today.
   The Tulsa Implement Co. made the largest delivery of binders sent out of Kansas City this season. This speaks well for the firm.
   Fred Bukey, of Broken Arrow vicinity, is in the city today. He reports farmers busy harvesting, but that the wheat is badly damaged by excessive rains.
   In justice to Rev Porter we will state that he was not the author of the article which appeared in last week's issue under the caption of "Too busy to bury their dead."
   Otto Fink is the accomodating assistant at the bank this week. Mr. Fink is one of Tulsa's best young men and as an accountant and book-keeper has few superiors.
   What's the matter with Tulsa celebrating the 4th this year? Why not wake up and show our patriotism? Let's go to work at once and make arrangements. Everybody fall in line.
   If you like good eating call for California evaporated apricots, peaches and prunes. They are found at Williamson Bros.
   The Children's Mission Band met at the home of Mrs. L. D. Lindsey on Tuesday evening and spent quite an enjoyable evening. Dainty refreshments were served and the young people one and all report a merry time.
   New embroideries, laces, belts, Kid gloves, Silk mitts, Silk Waist patterns, ribbons, corsets, etc. at Williamson Bros.
   Prof S H Ballard, wife and daughter of Pike College, Missouri, are visiting at the family of Jacob Hunt this week. Prof. Ballard and wife are known among the best educators of that rapidly growing state.
Page 5, column 2
   Remember that Squirrel Brand Canned Goods and Groceries are the best. Williamson Bros., Sole Agts.
   The infant child of Mr. and Mrs. W H Wilkins died Wednesday night and the remains were interred in the city cemetery yesterday.
   Arthur Antle will pay you a good price for your fat hogs and cattle. See him at the Tulsa Meat market.
   The annual Busk or Stomp dance of Lochapoka town will take place at the grounds south of Tulsa, sometime next month. Sam Davis has secured the right of superintending same, and parties desiring stand privileges will do well to consult him at an early date.
   W R Wallace, at Tulsa Meat Market will pay top prices for fat cattle and hogs.
   John A Watson left Monday for Colorado, where he will spend the heated term. Mr. Watson is a young man of sterling worth and integrity and his numerous friends hope that the high altitude of the Rockies will prove beneficial to his health.
   The Champion Binder possesses two of the greatest inventions to be found - the eccentric wheel and force feed elevator. For sale by A C Archer.
   Miss Nora Sheddlebarr returned yesterday from Wyandotte, Kansas, where she had been on a visit to home folks. Miss Sheddlebarr is the accomplished deputy Post-mistress at this place and her smiling countenance is quite a welcome site at the delivery window.
   Most complete stock of undertakers supplies in the Territory - Metallics for shipping purposes, Robes and embalming fluids and everything to be found in a first class undertaker's establishment, at A. C. Archer's.
   Prior Price brought to this office, this week a twig just loaded with blackberries. On one little stem no over four inches long some seventeen berries were clinging. Mr. Price has quite a nice patch at this home place, and this year the yield will be enormous.

[boxed ad spanning columns 2 & 3] ... Williamson Bros., Greatest Cash Bargain House in the Indian Territory. Fastest Growing Retail House in Tulsa. If you have never visited our store, just make us one call and convince yourself that Williamson Bros., give the best and the most goods for $1.00 than any other store. We don't only believe "but know" that honest goods sold at honest prices will bring us a business that any other would be proud of. Continually hammering high prices down, we remain. Yours To Save Money, Williamson Bros., Tulsa, Ind. Ter. New Store. New Prices.

   June is not only the month of roses, but also of wedding. It would not surprise the Republican if we did not, before the end of the month, report two weddings in high life in this city.
   Rev. W W Hopper, who has been assisting at the M.E. church South the last two weeks, left for his home in Meridian, Miss., yesterday. The meeting was a very good one, if all things are taken into consideration. Mr Hoper is a fearless preacher and stirs things wherever he goes. The pastor will continue the services every night next week.
   Williams Bros have up-to-date neckwear and the price is reasonable.
   Mr. J E Mills Sr., of Lockwood, Mo., came down Monday on a several week visit to his son, our hid and produce merchange, J E Mills Jr. The old gentleman is 84 years old, but is as active and sprightly as one much younger. Mrs. O H Baker, his daughter, accompanied him down. She will return week after next. We trust this visit to our little city may be a pleasant one.
   Say - That orange Phosphate with soda - fine - at Basement Ice Cream Parlor - always cool.
    The M.E. Church South people have been doing some much needed improvements on the church and parsonage this week. A window has been put in the south end of the church, and the door and windows all screened. A door has been put in the west side of the north room of the parsonage, making it very much more convenient. They have also had a well drilled this week. They have a very desirable property now.

Page 5, column 3

In Memory.
    Of Juanita, little daughter of Mr and Mrs L. Conaway, aged 4 years and 8 months and 21 days. [poem by a relative follows]

   When in need of a grip or telescope, don't fail to see Williamson Bros' line.
   Jas. H McBirney, the handsome employee of the Tulsa Banking Co., is spending the week at Parsons and Coffeyville. Even and anon there flits before the vision of this Appollos a fairy form, and so bewitching and charming does the vision become that Mc. has to hie away home (?) sometimes to dispel the influence of the apparition. After a short sojourn in Kansas Jim generally manages to stand the climate of the B.I.T. for three or four months. His visits become less frequent as time drifts on apace and the only solution to be gleaned from this is the allurements of Tulsa become greater with each successive day.
   The members of the Christian Endeavor of the Presbyterian Church, had quite an enjoyable time at the home of E Calkins last night. Quite a number were present and the hospitality put forth by this estimable couple made the social features of this gathering a source of pleasure for all.
   Mrs. John Eagan and children, Mrs. France and little girl, Mrs. Chas. Whitaker and little girl, Mrs. Rundquist, Mrs. Clark and children, Mrs. Menifee and daughter, and Edith Keen, all of Sapulpa got a thorough drenching Tuesday evening. They drove over to attend a meeting at the house of Mrs. McAllister and a heavy rain storm came up just after they had started home. At the river they learned that Nickell creek was past fording and all had to turn back and spend the night.
   Probably the most handsome soda fountain ever shipped to the Territory now adorns the drug store of J M Morrow & Co. It is a beauty in every respect and the composition used in its make-up are onyx, marble and silver. A costly mirror reflects your likeness while gazing upon this beautifully wrought design, and its rich mountings are a marvel to behold. Tomorrow the fountain will be charged for the first time and Mr. Morrow invites everyone to come in and have a soda with him.
   Smiley Bros. received a brand new seperator the first of the week. It is one of the latest improved make and will prove quite a valuable adjunct to the neighborhood when threshing time rolls around. These gentlemen are progressive farmers and have a full complement of the latest patents in agricultural implements and their success in the growing of cereals of all kinds the past few years has been almost phenomenal.
   Charley Brown and wife returned from Missouri Wednesday, where they had been in attendance at the bedside of Mr. Brown's sister. They were absent some ten days or more.

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