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 The Indian Republican
Tulsa, Indian Territory
Volume 6. Number 13. Whole Number 274
June 17, 1898 (Part 5)

Abstracted / Transcribed by Linda Haas Davenport

When the print is so faded that it cannot be read <.....> will be used . All transcription will be as found in the paper, misspellings and all

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 Page 5, column 4

[ad] - (this ad takes up the whole column) Scott's Column. Schley Will Dew-ey The Dons? And Scott Will at the same time sell you more goods for your $$$ Than is possible to obtain at any of the OLD REGULARS' Places of Business. We are after you with hot shot in the way of bargains and must have your business, and if low prices combined with the "best stock of merchandise in Tulsa, polite and courteous treatment will get it, we know that the VICTORY is OURS. We are going to move our building next week on the lot formerly occupied by us, and we are going to make some prices this week that will move some of the stuff much more swift than were they to be left in the building. WE HAVE 500 prs. SLIPPERS Sized 2 1/2 to 4 1/2, ranging in price from $1.00 to $3.00 which we have put up in lots of 50c, 75c, $1.00 and $1.50. This is a repetition of our great Slipper Sale last February. We are showing a nice line of famous Mulhouse organdies. Regular 35c goods for 25c. Regular 25c dimites for 15c. Regular 15c Dimites for 10c. And 10 to 15c regular lawn and figured dimities at the low price of 7 1/2c. No old styles but everything new and fresh. A few of the best things in town: Best 50c Overalls. Best $1.00 Jeans Pants. Best $1.00 Ladies' shoes. Best 4c shirting. Best 5c yard wide bleach. Best 50c shirts. Best 45c Ladies' shirt waists. A FEW OF THE BEST CHEAP THINGS IN TOWN. Best cheap working shirt 15c. Best cheap laundried shirt 25c. Best cheap package soda 3 pounds 10c. Best cheap boy's 3 piece suits 75c. Best cheap Men's 3 piece suits $1.15. Best cheap lawn per yard 2c. Best cheap men's wood hat 25c. Best cheap Ladies' vests 5c. Best cheap men's Balbraggan shirts 20c. Best cheap plaid jumper 20c. We are headquarters for men's clothing and carry only such goods as have a world wide reputation for fit and elegance. In pants and overalls we can fit any shaped man in the Territory; all sizes big and little. WE ARE NOT ABLE to call attention to all lines, but ask that you make us a call and allow us the pleasure of showing you through. Thanking all for past favors and asking for continuance. Yours to Please. FRED. J. SCOTT

Page 5, column 5

The Wheat Crop
      Three weeks ago the farmers in this vicinity were estimating their wheat crops at from 20 to 40 bushels per acre. Today they place the best crops at from 15 to 20 bushels. The change in conditions was caused by the dry spell which struck us previous to June 1st succeeded by heavy rains since that time, in part. Rust and chinch bugs did the rest and the wheat was prematurely ripened. A source of discouragement to the farmers was occasioned by the collapse of the Leiter wheat deal which put the price of cash wheat down from $1.75 to 80 cents per bushel. However, should the opinion of prominent wheat operators prove well founded, cash wheat is now 25 cents per bushel too low. Reports of damage and premature ripening are coming in from all quarters and the crop will be many millions of bushels short of the estimate in the United States. Corn here is in a flourishing condition and promises to prove a big crop.

Three Men Killed at Claremore.
      News reached this town last night to the effect that Bill Newsome, a horse trader, had been the means of ending the career of three men at Claremore Wednesday night. From the meager information gleaned it appears that all three of the parties were whiskey peddlers whom Bill tried to arrest. Some resistance was offered on the part of the trio whereupon Newsome pumped their bodies full of lead. Two white men and a negro compose the parties killed. Bill Nesome is well known both at Muskogee and Tulsa, and during the races here last month made himself conspicuous by always carrying a large gun and talking loud. At one time he was deputy constable at Muskogee.

Beef Cattle.
Farmers and small stock men mush not be deceived by the exceedingly high prices paid in the past few months by local buyers here for beef cattle into the belief that these prices will continue. At no time in the pst four months could these cattle have been shipped to market at prices paid for them here. However the market has not went to pieces by any means, and the price for good fat beef is still at a much higher figure than for many years previous to 1897. Good cows find ready sale here at all times of the year, and at present good fat cows are worth $2.50 to $2.60 per hundred, with steers a good 50 cents per hundred higher.

      The sudden rise in the hog market in May was conducive to the marketing of many half fat hogs and brood sows, and right there the farmer is making a mistake. It never pays to market a half fat hog, for it knocks the market down and takes the dollar out of the farmers pocket which he would have made had he held his hogs and made them fatter and better. The, too, the marketing of the brood sow is cutting them short of feeders for the growing crop.

    Judge Yancy will adjourn court at this place Saturday. The Judge is probably the youngest commissioner in the Indian Territory, but his knowledge of law is quite in excess of his age and his rulings are such that win him favor in the eyes of the people. His holdings are always administered with a sense of justice to all parties concerned and in him this district has a man who graces the bench over which he rules.
    When Christ began to preach the gospel he cose no particular place. It was all the same to him whether he was in the Baptist church, the Methodist or Presbyterian. He never in any instance referred to sectarianism or asked people to join "our" church. Sectarianism was not his object, but a higher and nobler purpose, that of placing the feet of men and women in a pure path leading to a better life.
    When in need of a hat it would pay you to visit Williamson Bros.

[ad] - We have just completed the largest delivery of Binders ever made in the Territory and are now preparing to supply the farmers with a complete line of fall goods and will have a large variety of Wheat Drills, among which are the King, Fuller Lee Disc, the Sucker State Shoe, the Hoosier, and Star Hoe Drills; also the celebrated Rock Island Sulky Plows which have given universal satisfaction to all. Don't fail to call and examine the new Deering Ideal mowers and rakes, Bull Rakes, etc. We are headquarters for wagons and buggies, and have on hand a large stock of Lansing, Fish Brothers and Wilburn wagons; Moon Brothers and Thompson Carriage Co.'s buggies. Tulsa Implement Co.

 Beginning on Page 6 is the pre-printed section of the paper. This section normally includes stories of interest, jokes, ads and sections for Men, Women & Young People. I'll cover these pages here in the 1st issue and then will not do them again

 Page 6, column 1

      A Stable and Liberal Government Needed to Develop the Resources of the Islands. ARE MORE DESIRABLE EVEN THAN CUBA. Englishmen Having Interest There Anxious for the United States to Retain Permanent Possession - Business Profits Mostly Absorbed by Direct and Indirect Bribes to Spanish Officers. ... London, June 10 ....
[long article]

      Evangelina Cossio Cisnerous and Carlos F Carbonet, One of Her Rescuers, Married at Baltimore. BALTIMORE, Md., June 10 <drawing of Ms. Cisneros - followed by story of her escape and marriage

Page 6, column 2

      Four American Killed and Quite a Number of Pickets Unaccounted for. The Spanish Repulsed. (copyright 1898 by the Associated Press) ON BOARD THE DAUNTLESS, OFF GUANTANAMO, Sunday June 12, via Mole St. Nicholas, June 12th ....
[long article]

      The Fall of Manila Assured, but Whether to Dewey or Aguinaldo is Not Known. WASHINGTON, June 13th ...
[long article]

      Said to Have Furnished the United States with Valuable Information About the War. ST. THOMAS, D.W.I. June 13th ...
[long article]

Page 6, column 3

May Be a Destiny Fellow.
      "I have just wead," said Chollie, "that the gweat Napoleon spent more than $4,000 a year on dwess. It tewwifies me." "What terrifies you, you idiot?" asked his disgusted father. "To find that we aw so sililar. Who knows, but I am one of those destiny fellows." - Indianapolis Journal

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Opinions Differ.
     Alas! those qualities that cause us to feel our own superiority are precisely the ones that rate us as inferior among our acquaintances. - Punk

[ad] - Try Allen's Foot-Ease

A La Cupid. Ned- She has a fascinating quiver in her voice. Ted - Yes, and she uses it to hold her beau. - N Y Journal

[ad] - Dr. Moffett's Teethina (Teething Powders)

The first gray hair that a man finds in his hair he thinks must have been caused by trouble; it certainly wasn't age. - Atchison Globe.

[ad] - Dr Kline's Great Nerve Restorer

Time is money. That is, it takes considerable money to have much of a time. - L.A.W. Bulletin

[ad] - Laxative Bromo Quinine Tables - to cure a cold

A darky never looks as picturesque as in a snow storm. - Washington (Ia.) Democrat.

[boxed ads] - Castoria for Infants and Children ... Try Grain-O (replaces coffee); Winchester Guns & Ammunition - Winchester Repeating Arms Co., 180 Winchester Ave., New Have, Ct. ... Allen's Ulcerine Salve ...

Page 6, column 4

[column is all professional cards ....]

A H Collins, M.D. Gives special attention to diseases of women and children. Office next to P E Coyne's drug store. Tulsa, Indian Territory

C L Reeder MD; J S McAllister MD, Physicians and Surgeons. Office Rooms 4, 5 and 6, Lynch Block. Hours 9 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. (7 to 9 p.m. by appointment.)

E. Calkins, Attorney at Law, and Notary Public, Tulsa, Indian Territory

A R Querry, Attorney at Law, Will practice before all courts of the Indian Territory. Commercial collections a specialty. Tulsa, Indian Territory

J L Kennedy S G Kennedy, Physicians and Surgeons, Tulsa, Indian Territory - Office up-stairs in the Perryman Building

Dr R A Watson, Physician and Surgeon. All patients promptly attended on reasonable terms. Office in McElroy Building. Residence west of M.E. parsonage

G W Mowbray, Notary Public, Marriage Licenses obtained and all business entrusted to my care promptly attended to

Geo E Nelson, Muskogee, I.T. Flowers Nelson, Tulsa, I.T. Attorneys at Law

Geo M Chapman, Attorney at Law, Office - Rooms 1, 2 and 3 up-stairs in Muskogee Times Building, Muskogee I.T. All legal business receives prompt attention. Notary Public in office

St Elmo Hotel. Near the Frisco Depot. Our tables are supplied with all the market affords. The Public Cordially Invited. H C Calhoun, Proprietor

Geo E Nelson. Attorney at Law, Muskogee, Indian Territory. Will practice in the United States courts in the Indian Territory, the Circuit Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court

Buy your Trees at wholesale price at the Tulsa Nursery

R E Lynch, Notary Public. Makes marriage licenses a specialty. Will also procure permits in the Creek and Cherokee Nations. Office at Lynch Mercantile Co

F G Seaman [drawing of dentures] Dentist. Office upstairs in Lynch Building, Center Room, Tulsa, Indian Territory

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