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 The Indian Republican
Tulsa, Indian Territory
Published Every Once In A While
Vol. V. No. 3.
June 4, 1900 (Part 2) - or perhaps later

Issues on the Microfilm jump from Jun 14, 1898 to Jun 4, 1900.

Abstracted / Transcribed by Linda Haas Davenport

When the print is so faded that it cannot be read <.....> will be used . All transcription will be as found in the paper, misspellings and all

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This issue was published by Lon Stansbery who had the reputation of being quite a joker. The paper is filled with tongue-in-cheek spoofs, dates much later than the June 4, 1900 date on the masthead and ads that certainly can't be taken seriously. The paper is filled with typos which I've, usually, transcribed as I found them. Lon borrowed freely from the Tulsa Democrat paper without giving them credit.


 Page 2, column 1

     Published Every Once in a While. Entered at the Post Office at Tulsa Indian Territory as no matter what class. Lon R Stansbery, Publisher and Owner; James H McBirney, Sporting and Society Editor.

   Now is the time for the patient Filipinos to turn the other cheek to the sugar trust.
   About the nearest thing we remember to living music heretofore has been the crying of a baby at 2 a.m. as the patient father walked the chilly floor.
   Sixteen soldiers arrested in Spain as plotters against the king because they visited a newspaper office. They will get off scot free, of course, if they declare they called to whip the editor.
   A Newark man was fined $20 for laughing at a policeman. In most cities the majesty of the law considers itself sufficiently vindicated when it has beaten the mirthful one over the head with a club.

Good Definition.
   It was the first time the two dusky ex-stevedores had met since the war, and they were comparing their more personal history. "Mose," announced Rastus, "Ah's got a good job now."
      "Yo' got a good job? What at?"
      "Ah's got a job bein' p'fessor of pathology to the college."
      "Hueeum, p'fessor of pathology, big boy? Yo' kain't read nor write."
      "Seems lak you' don' know what is it a p'fessor of pathology. Lemme 'lucidate. A p'fessor of pathology is de p'fessor what shows de folkses how to go in and out of the college grounds." - American Legion Weekly

Puzzled Youngster.
   Lord Frederick Hamilton, the English diplomatists, told an Anglo-Indian story on his last visit to New York.
      "A little English boy was born in India", said Lord Frederic, "and at the age of seven his mother brought him home to England to put him to school.
      "As the train whizzed across the English countryside the little chap said to his mother:
      "Mamma, what a queer county England is. All the natives seem to be white."

Birthdays to Order.
   Mary, aged five, is a devoted advocate of more holidays such as Christmas, birthdays and various other smaller festivals which involve in their celebration the giving of gifts. Recently she had an original and very happy idea.
      ""Daddy," said Mary, "it's been a long time since I've had a birthday, a long, long time, and I want another one. I want to have another birthday today."

Mail in Garbage Can.
   Delayed owing to having been deposited in rubbish can." Was stamped on a quantity of Christmas mail from Randolph, Mass. A green colored rubbish can located in front of the post office was responsible. When someone suggested to the postmaster that he examine the can he did so, and was astonished to find such a large amount of mail matter there, letters and packages, but mostly post cards.

Page 2, column 1 & 2 - Beginning here the pages are pre-printed and included as a part of the local paper.

[Drawing of Three Men with guns]

Page 2, column 2

[article on Livestock] - Reduce Death Loss In Shipping Hogs

[article] - Tankage Will Increase Rate Of Gain In Hogs

[article on Poultry] - Check Blackhead In Turkey Flock

[boxed notice] - Things to Remember About Poultry

[article] - Poultry Facts

Page 2, column 3

[article] - Friends Are Made By Use of Roads

[article] - New California Road is Now Open to All Traffic

[article] - Tax in Many States .... date in this article is 1925 and the tax discussed is a gasoline tax

[article] - To Relieve Traffic Jam

Page 2, column 4

[short jokes]

[article] - Oracular Writings Remain a Mystery

[article] - Many Religions at College


[article] - Surely Some Feast ... reproduction of the feast on Boston Commons of Jun 19, 1845

[article] - Much Honey in Tree Trunk

[article] - To Restore Looted Crown

Page 2, column 5

[article] - Give Dairy Heifer Best of Attention

[article] - Excellent Plan to Heat Water for Dairy Cows

[article] - Dairy Facts

Page 3, column 1

   A hobo was found drunk in the Frisco depot this morning when the agent opened up. Four empty bottles of Peruna told the tale. He was arrested for breaking in the depot and stealing but was later released, on account of the fact that the man to whom the Peruna was consigned refused to prosecute.
   Jim Gillette says he has fine prospects for a bumper corn crop on his Bird Creek farm and expects to fatten a bunch of hogs this fall. Jim has the reputation of being the best corn raiser and hog fattener in these parts. Jim knows how to make a corn mash that's too good for a hog.
   The editor gives notice that he is personally responsible for everything that appears in this paper and if any galoot has any grievance put on their war paint and drop in any old time.
   C B Lynch has a house for rent - February 16, 1900
   Mrs. Lee Clinton and Miss Vera Clinton spent Sunday in Tulsa - March 16, 1900
   [ad] - When you stop at the Red Onion Hotel go to Sam Lingks for something to eat.
   Dr. Sam G Kennedy, one of our best known doctors came in from Pawhuska where he was called on professional business. He said his patient was at death's door and he thought he would be able to drag him through.
   Thomas Perryman has just returned from a visit with the Great White Father, President McKinley, in Washington. He says the Indian's rights will be fully protected.
   [ad] - When you want a pill it is always best to buy the best. Morrow's torpid liver pills give rest.
   Lon Conaway is erecting a residence.
   For a Greater Tulsa and 5,000 population by 1920.
   The suspicious looking package J M Hall was seen carrying home proved to be a jug of sorghum presented to him by Berry Hogan.
   The Revival Meeting at the church is making many converts. Let everyone sing "Almost Persuaded."
   Any errors and omissions caused by neglect of proof-reader who was found asleep beside a still (running brook).
   Pryor Price: "The office should seek the man." L M Poe: "Yes, I know that Price, and I gave it plenty of time, but it's bashful."
   Harry Campbell's wife told her husband she had just put her furs in cold storage. Harry: "I never heard it called that before. My watch and tie pin are in the same place."
   Last winter George Mowbray asked Bob Lynch if he wanted to go on a sleighing party. Bob: "Yes, who are we going to slay?"
   Dr. Clinton seems fond of looking for the Bell in J M Hall.
   While out shopping Lee Clinton called at Pat Coyne's drug store and asked for a pound of rat poision for his wife and a hatchet for his mother-in-law.

[ad] - Lon R Stansbery Sells Wagons, Ox Yokes, Whip Sockets, Flat Wheels, "Hill Billy" Cultivators, etc., "Sign on the Old Hitch Rack"

Page 3, column 2 & 3

[Very dark photo - Indians in full feathered head dress. Some on horseback, some standing. Caption - "Henry Spybuck at the Old Stomp Grounds, Hominy Creek, near Skiatook]

Page 3, column 2

[article] - Hard To Associate Job and The Turkey

[article] - Italian Aqueduct Longest in World

[article] - Believed all Had "Double" ... article is about Tutankhamen


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