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 The Indian Republican
Tulsa, Indian Territory
Published Every Once In A While
Vol. V. No. 3.
June 4, 1900 (Part 3) - or perhaps later

Issues on the Microfilm jump from Jun 14, 1898 to Jun 4, 1900.

Abstracted / Transcribed by Linda Haas Davenport

When the print is so faded that it cannot be read <.....> will be used . All transcription will be as found in the paper, misspellings and all

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This issue was published by Lon Stansbery who had the reputation of being quite a joker. The paper is filled with tongue-in-cheek spoofs, dates much later than the June 4, 1900 date on the masthead and ads that certainly can't be taken seriously. The paper is filled with typos which I've, usually, transcribed as I found them. Lon borrowed freely from the Tulsa Democrat paper without giving them credit.


 Page 3, column 2 & 3

[Photo of group of people in front of a tent] - caption: "This Picture was Taken at the Old Stomp Ground in Tulsa. Place Now Owned by Mr. Charles B. Peterson, 1730 South Cheyenne.

Page 3, column 3

[quotes & jokes]

Page 3, column 4

     A new invention can be seen at J M Morrow's. It is said that a Tulsa syndicate composed largely of Dr J E Webb and J M Morrow will control the right to manufacture and use of the contrivance. The machine is fearfully and wonderfully made, and is said by its promoters to be quite deadly.
      The purpose of the invention is to escape the hunting laws and at the same time secure all the game wanted. All that is necessary is to procure one of these quail exterminators and go to the woods. Then you can make yourself comfortable, and while you inhale the fragrance of a good cigar, the dog will gather in the game.
      The model will be on exhibition for a few days only before it is sent to Washington and all lovers of sport hunting are invited to call and examine it. - February 2, 1900.
      Dr F S Clinton is mourning the loss of a doctor bill and about $40.00 in cash. Some time ago an old man by the name of W J Carr arrived at Colonel Moore's boarding house. He had a bad arm which the doctor treated. The old man was hard up and Dr Clinton let him have some money as above stated.
      He took a mortgage on the buggy and team for security and later took a bill of sale for it. The old man left a few days ago and on Saturday last Sheriff Vincent of Crawford County Kansas came after the team and buggy which was the property of one W S Jones of that County. - October 28, 1900.
      George Williamson left Sunday for Paris, Missouri to join his wife who has been visiting her parents and her friends for two months. From Paris the will go to St Louis and Chicago to buy a spring stock of goods for Williamson Bros.
        Mrs. Williamson will assist her husband in the selection of dry goods, and the purchase of all those articles in which man's judgment and a woman's intuition combine to get the best and nicest of every variety the market affords. - March 9, 1900
      Some shirts choke one, the arms are too short, bosom forever humping itself and trying to squirm out of one's vest and the button holes keep drifting around every time the shirt gets a bath. Our 5$c shirts are not that kind. They are made to fit a man, not a hitching post. Schuttler Dry Goods Company. - April 6, 1900
      Fresh vegetables from the south - tomatoes, radishes and lettuce. Kandy Kitchen. - April 6, 1900
      Dr and Mrs. S H Kimmons arrived on Saturday's train. The friends of the doctor will be pleased to know that he and his bride will take up their residence in Tulsa. He is too well known to need any words of eulogy from us.
      Mrs. Kimmons is a charming lady of southern breeding and will make a desirable addition to the society of Tulsa. - July 27, 1900
      Rev Kerr will preach at Red Fork in the afternoon of the second and fourth Sunday of each month. - August 10, 1900
      Paul & Locke have added a china department to their store. Parties purchasing goods from them will receive pieces as presents. - September 7, 1900
      Mrs. Nellie Campbell has lost a Brazilian parrot. The bird strayed from its home last Saturday. Anybody knowing its whereabouts will please communicate with her. - Sept. 14, 1900
      Marshall A R Baber announces the arrival of a little girl at his home last Saturday. - Sept 14, 1900
      John N Day has put in a neat lunch counter in the Kandy Kitchen
[ad] - John Day for Lunches. A C Archer's for barbed wire. Cold Drinks at the Bakery>
      The members of the Bachelors' Club took their sweethearts and went to Turkey creek and spent Sunday fishing. There were a number of others beside the bachelors. This is a dangerous policy and one that is likely to result in the loss of members. - May 18, 1900
      P E Coyne and Vick Pranter had the fun of walking to Tulsa from a point about two miles this side of Sapulpa on the 4th. They broke their buggy and did the best under the circumstances. They are both suffering from sore feet and it is not safe to mention this little stroll in their presence. - July 11, 1900

Page 3, column 5 & 6

[boxed ads .....]

R N Bynum, Dry Goods, Groceries and Patent Medicines, Garretts Snuff, Fancy and Salt Meats, Navy Beans, Churn Dashers and Rolling Pins. Trade where your money goes the farthest

Price & Gillette. Ladies Ready to Wear. Also Dry Salt Meat. LL Muslin 3c per yard. 22 bars of Navy soap 25c. See our line of Mens Cuff Buttons. Chickens bought and sold

The Tulsa Chief. Geo. W. Henry, Proprietor and Editor. Published every week and cheap Job Printing. Birth announcements and Funeral Notices printed while you wait. Give us a trial.

Page 3, column 5

     There is little excitement over the coming National Republican Convention to be held soon. President McKinley is the unanimous choice of the entire party for re-election. Mark Hanna has written the platform and all the delegates have to do is to get some one to run for vice president and adjourn.
      The Democrats will probably select Bryan for their standard bearer and that will be like running the race over again.
      George Bullette is feeding four hundred head of cattle on the Lewis farm. - February 9, 1900
      Married at the bride's residence in Tulsa on February 18, 1900, Mr. Wm. P. Baze and Miss Bertha Stansbery. Robert Owen officating.
      Dr S G Kennedy claims to have the finest boy that has ever come to Tulsa. It arrived last week. - April 20, 1900
      A stranger was seen to try the door of Dr Clinton's office yesterday and when he found it locked departed. Some one reported to the Doctor that it was a prospective patient and although he has made a thorough search and many inquires he has not been able to locate the party. The Doctor is much perturbed over his loss.
Page 3, column 6
For Rent
     The pink house in the east part of town. Good Location. New House - Lee Clinton, Red Fork, I.T. - June 8, 1900
      We notice in the eastern papers that William McKinely has taken oats as U S President.
      Miss Etta Pruitt left this week for a visit in Leroy, Kansas. - Feb 16, 1900
      The millinery displays around town are simply gorgeous. Buy your hat in Tulsa. - April 20, 1900.
      The Frisco depot is complete and is quite an ornament to the town. - February 9, 1900
      There was quite a little burglary at the residence of Dr Clinton last Sunday night. The room occupied by Thomas Carleton and Paul Clinton was entered sometime during the night by some party or parties, and a ring, and a scarf pin, together with something over $10.00 was taken. - April 20, 1900
      Sam McBirney was the hero of the ball game played at Sapulpa Sunday last. He made third base on a foul ball and ran home while the captain and umpire were fighting. He won the game for the home team and only lost two teeth.
 Page 4, column 1
      Democrat Ticket, March 23, 1900 - Mayor L M Poe; Recorder J H McAllister; City Attorney H J Collins; City Marshall Albert Baber; Councilman-at-large George Taaffe; Ward Councilmen: J S Kallen, W T Brady; Dr J E Webb.
      Ferguson-McKinney Dry Goods Company sold to Brady's last week, one of the cheapest bills of dry goods sold in St. Louis for a long time. In addition Brady's paid spot cash, saving over $32.00 over other merchants who take time.
      Messrs. James McBirney and Hugh Ball appreciated the fine weather for wheeling and took a spin over to our city last Monday afternoon. - January 26, 1900
      Henry Calhoun, the genial host of the St. Elmo, "who meets all trains" is never obnoxious nor does he insist upon carrying the guests' baggage as some do.
      They had "Been Soup" on the bill of fare at the St. Elmo Hotel last night. Well, it might have "been."
      Doctor Fred Clinton, who recently graduated says that the number of cases of la fauna combostilus which has afflicted the human race at rare periods is due entirely to cardenax nux spumaceus complicated by appetitus conformatus diogernees.
      Mr. Arthur Antle presented his wife with a new three-legged milk stool on the occasion of their third wedding anniversary last week.
      J H McBirney complains of a misery in his back. Dr Bland, who was called in saws it is a sign of spring and baseball.
      John Day says he was halter broken when he came to Tulsa - however, he is like many other of our prominent citizens - it is the lead end of the halter to which they refer. The other end is over the head of a strange horse.
      Killed Near the St. Elmo Hotel - A large rattle snake was killed a few days ago near the St Elmo Hotel by a man with thirteen rattles.
      J M Hall advertised for a new clerk who could bear confinement, and received an answer from one who had spent seven years in jail.
      There will be an old time badger fight at Perry Hogan's stone barn. Admission free. Leave all fire arms at home.
      T E Smiley called on Martha Hamilton today. Oh you Emmett!
      Lon R Stansbery advertised for a wife through our paper and received answers from eighteen hundred husbands saying he could have their's.
      The Frisco train from the east was two hours late today on account of being held up and robbed by Cherokee Bill gang. As a result everybody expecting express was alfired thirsty.

Page 4 column 1 & 2

[boxed ad] - St Elmo Hotel. Has six large rooms with water pitchers. Four small rooms without water pitchers. Special Attention Paid to Drummers. H C Calhoun, Prop.

Lynch Brothers, General Merchandise. Hooks and Eyes for Womens Dresses; Sardines and Overhalls for men; Notary Public and marriage Liscences a special; Ladies Shoes and mens hats. See Us Before Purchasing Elsewhere [bottom part of ad missing]

Page 4 column 2

      In Messrs. W R Wallace and H C Calhoun's Butcher Shop: Butcher - "Come, John, be lively now; break the bone in Mr Williamson's chops and put Mr Smith's ribs in the basket for him" John (Briskly) - "All right, sir, just as soon as I've sawed off Mr Murphy's leg."
      Annual sale now on. Don't go else where to be cheated; come in here. - Price & Gillette
      A lady wants to sell her piano as she is going abroad in a good strong iron frame. An airy bedroom for a gentleman twenty two feet long and eleven fee wide. - Mrs. J R Cole, Jr
      Bulldog for sale: will eat anything; very fond of children. - Mrs. C E Strouvelle
      Lynch Bros. report a large shipment to Kansas City of almost fresh eggs. Tulsa will soon feed the world.
      R N Bynum just made a shipment of hides to Smelovinke 7/8 Co., of St Louis.
      Colonel Lynch has just returned from a business trip to Kansas City. He brought home a late copy of the Ladies Home Journal. It is quite popular with all the boys, especially the advertisements for Ladies hosiery.
      Wanted - A boy to be partly outside and partly behind the counter. John M Day
      Widow in comfortable circumstances wants to marry two sons.

Medical Advice Column. Edited by Dr Fred S. Clinton:
      [not very funny long joke]

      Dr L C Reeder - You can make a fine hair tonic as follows: To one pint of kidney stew add one pint of gasoline; let it stand until the kidneys complain; rub with a curry comb or a shoe brush and hold your head over a hot stove. This will remove dandruff and possibly your head.
      Dr J C W Bland - To remove crows feet, carefully kill the crow and use a sharp knife to remove the feet.

      Harry Campbell appeared in Mayor R N Bynum's court this morning in behalf of his client Colonel Lynch, who was charged with violation of the statutes of Indian Territory by allowing his cows and hogs to run loose on Main Street. Mr. Campbell won the suit for his client as the law allows every citizen to have six cows and five hogs and Colonel has only two hogs and three cows.
      Upon complaint of Miss Cal Calvert, W S Dickason of the Dickason Goodman Lumber Company was fined $2.98 this morning by Mayor R N Bynum for stacking undressed lumber close to the sidewalk.

Page 4 column 3

Cooking Recipes.
Furnished by the Tulsa Cooking Society
      [these are silly recipes]
      Oyster Pudding by Mrs. Harry Campbell; Sponge Cake by Mrs M A DeVinna; Parrot Pot Pie by Mrs. Fred S Clinton; Sea Beach Short Cake by Mrs. J H McBirney; Mock Lamb Chops by Mrs Max W Campbell; Mock Ham and Eggs by Mrs L M Poe

      Sam Stamper shot Yockey in front of J M Hall & Co's store yesterday. George Mowbray, our efficient undertaker took charge of the body and says he fixed him up so he looks almost as good as new. Burial this afternoon in the usual place.
      Foghorn Pierce's voice is heard, "far into the night" and the squeak of St Elmo lawn swing keeps a monotonous accompaniment.
      Sam McGirney's all star minstrels will give a one night performance in the hall over Spence Kellum's livery stable. Tickets on sale at Bud Wallace's Butcher Shop.
      John Day spent a nickle yesterday - almost. He bought a three cent stamp.
      Just A Rumor. Mrs A F Antle told me she heard Boone's wife say that John Day's wife told her that Mrs Williamson heard the widow Barton say that Captain P L Price's wife thought Colonel Lynch believed that Mrs Fred S Clinton reckoned that she heard Lee Clinton's wife say that her mother told her Mrs M J Glass heard Granny Pruitt say that was nothing more than she had expected all along.

Page 4 column 4-6

[boxed ad] - Dickason Goodman Lumber Company. Special Prices for Saturday; 6 2x4s - 48c. 2x12s dressed on both sides. Agents for Never-Spread paint. Hard Wood for home made coffins. Business Slow. Special price on any old thing we have

Page 4 column 4

[boxed ad] - Harry Campbell Divorce Lawyer. Divorces obtained without publicity for incompatiblity, desertion, etc. 199 Slab Court. Telephone - 87878>

[boxed ad] - Dentistry. The located Dentist is in Forsythe Hall. All work guarantee. Painless extracting and filling. Dr W M Willson - January 26, 1900>

      Mrs. George Williamson to Mrs. Stansbery: "They tell me you have a model husband." "Yes, but he's not a working model," Mrs. Stansbery replied.
      T E Smiley and Lee Clinton were discussing beauty. Smiley - "But remember, Lee, beauty is only skin deep." Lee - "That's deep enough for me. I'm no cannibal."
      Try Moocher's Cafe once. That will be enough.
[ad] - 2 Yards of calico will make a shirt - only 5c at Lynch Bros
      Lynch Bros. just received a delayed shipment of fresh meat. First come, first served.
      This has been a very quite week. Only one fatal shooting affair and two horse thieves hanged. If things don't pick up the editor will have to go up to Catoosa for some excitement.
[ad] - Buy your fruit jars at R N Bynum's
      Dr Morrow, Bill Baber, T E Finley and W S Dickason brought in a 150 lb back bass caught in Mingo tank. Everyone in town had bass for dinenr.
      Bill Doolin spent the night with his friend Jim Smith at the lumber yard. It was an occasion for all the US Marshalls to look for him in the hills near Pawhuska. Jim and Bill used to ride range on the Turkey Foot Ranch. Bill is not one to forget an old friend just because he has become famous.
      Dr C L Reeder just returned from a meeting of the Missouri State Medical Society in St. Louis. All bills for medical service are now due and payable. Please be prompt. - Adv.
      Ed Egan, our city Marshall, is off his regular post of duty this week on account of being run over at the corner of First and Main Streets by Cliff Drew's team of bay horses and buggy. Cliff left town without being arrested.

Page 4 column 5 & 6

[double column ads .....]

P E Coyne Drug Company, Peruna and Pills. Special price on Shoe Strings and Fiddle Bows. Hot and cold water bottles. Paint for Women. Soap for men ....

W T Brady & Company. General Store. The Cowman's retreat and The Nesters Paradice. We handle Star Brand Shoes, Arbuckles Coffee, Granger Twist, Old Varginia cheroots, Kansas Salt and Missouri Cob Pipes. Stop at our store on the main traveled road just north of the Frisco tracks. See our Parson Jones before getting married. Our Motto: Guaranteed Satisfaction ....

John M Day. Candy Kitchen. Good Candy and Cigars. Some Ice Cream in Season. Leave your laundry every Thursday. No shirts taken without collars. Open on week days only.

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