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 The Indian Republican
Tulsa, Indian Territory
Vol. 11. No. 10 Whole Number 496.
August 8, 1902 (Part 1

Issues on the Microfilm jump from Jun 4, 1900 to this issue.

Abstracted / Transcribed by Linda Haas Davenport

When the print is so faded that it cannot be read <.....> will be used . All transcription will be as found in the paper, misspellings and all

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 PLEASE NOTE! This newspaper is now 12 pages long. For this first issue I'll touch on almost everything in the paper - in future issues I'll only transcribe items of local interest.

Front Page


Chapter Forty-nine of Mansfield's Digest Operative in the Creek Nation - Section Seven of Appropriation ...
[pertaining to the disposal of allotted Indian Land]

Page 1, column 2 & 3

[Boxed Ad ... Article is continued around ad]- New Fountain ... Delicious Drinks Shackle Drug Co. SODA WATER AND ICEBERGS .. Is a pleasing combination to have in mind during hot weather. There is a strong reminder of it. AT OUR FOUNTAIN. Delicious, refreshing drinks, cold as ice can make them. There's an antidote for fatigue in our cherry, orange and lemon phosphates, and big 5-cent's worth of cooling comfort in a glass of any of them. OUT SODA FOUNTAIN ATTENDANTS Are always anxious to please - careful to serve beverages just as you want them, with just the right coldness, just the right sweetness or tartness. Your taste isn't a whim to be discouraged. You know what you want and how you want it. Simply ask us for it. Our customers make the rules for running our soda fountain. SHACKLE DRUG CO. Refreshing Beverages ... Ice Cream Sodas.>

Page 2, column 1

Indian Republican. Published every Friday. Blakey & Smith Publishers. Tulsa: Indian Territory.

[Calendar - August 1902]

      [short paragraphs on National News]
     Silk in the United States
... most homemade in U.S.
      Drove the Negroes Out ... Decatur, Ind. ... succeeded in ridding their town of the last negro.
      The Largest Automobile ... It will have a sleeping apartment, a large work room and four big tanks for storing oil.
      Miss Grantley's Grievance ... photo in paper has caused her great distress.
      Because He Is Single ... Kitchener ... woman he hoped to marry went to the alter with another man.
      Firedamp and Afterdamp ... about the Johnstown mine disaster.
      Most Expensive Book ... Ameer of Afghanistan .. copy of the Koran.
      She Became Insane Over Cats ... Miss Rebecca French, Marinette, Wis ... house filled with cats .. committed to insane asylum in Oshkosh because of her problem with cats.
      Pen Drawings of the Elect ... Spiritually dominant is the greatest condition to which mortal man attains on earth ... Atlanta Constitution

Page 2, column

The Pulpit, the Press, the Bar and Politics
at President's Luncheon Board.

     President Will Visit Nebraska During Closing Days of September - The Scramble for the Vacancy On the Board of Commissioners of the District of Columbia. ....

Otherwise the Day Was Quiet and Uneventful -
Mr. and Mrs. Whitelaw Held to Be Guests ..
      Oyster Bay, NY Aug 3 -
President and Mrs. Roosevelt and family passed a quite Sunday at Sagamore hill. No official visitors were received ....
      STATE AND OTHER FAIRS ... [a listing of fairs by state with the dates]
Delay in Appointment of an Apostolie Delegate to manila Due to Desire to Please .... [article]

Page 2, column 3

      The Parisian Socialists Parade and Hold a Meeting in Support of the Government. ....

Engagement Between Colombian Troops and Revolutionists Still In Progress. ....

      An Excursion Train Carrying Seven Hundred People Wrecked While Running 35 Miles an Hour. Cadillac Mich .. Ann Arbor railway .... none dead ....

Page 2, column 4

Law for the Protection of Miners
Said to Be Too Severe.
       Says a dispatch from Washington, D.C.; Complaint reaches the interior department from mine owners in the Indian Territory of the difficulty of enforcing the law recently enacted by congress for the protection of miners in the territories. The law limits shots to be fired in the mine to one per day, and the mine inspector for the Indian territory, in which he says that if the law is literally interpreted the produce of some of the times which is now 500 to 1,000 tons per day, will be reduced to two or three tons per day. He suggests that the law be constructed as if the word "one" were "once." This change, while permitting the usual number of shots would confine them to a certain period of the day, and thus afford the desired protection to the mine workers. The suggestion has not yet been take up for consideration by the interior department officials.

Two Indians Killed as Result of Uprising
of the Crazy Snake Band.
       A sensational story comes from Okmulgee, relating the death of two full-blood Creek Indians, one murdered, supposedly by Crazy Snake followers, the other, a member of the Snake band, killed by the marshal's posse. Ten other members of the Snake's band were captured and chained hand and foot to the trees in front of the courthouse in Okmulgee. They were taken to the federal jail at Muscogee later.
       The Snakes rebelled against the action of the Creek council in passing the supplemental agreement, and have been holding meetings at the old hickory grounds about ten miles south of Okmulgee.

Gas Ignites in Coal Shaft at McCurtain,
and Two are Killed.
       Two men were killed and two others seriously burned by an explosion of gas in one of the Sans Bois Coal Co's mines, one mile west of McCurtain.
       The dead are Andrew Dzaell and James Brown.
       The four men were in the mine, 900 feet from the opening, when the explosion occurred. It was followed a moment later by another explosion of less force. It is presumed the gas was ignited by one of their lamps.

Cherokees Are Proving
That Not All Indians Are Lazy.
The Ozark and Cherokee Central railroad has employed 30 fullblood Indians to clear the right of way between Ketcher Town and Melvin, on the line between Tahlequah and Fort Gibson. It is the opinion of the railroad company that the fullbloods are the best workmen on the road, not withstanding the fact that the Indian is said to be lazy. Sam Manus, a fullblood Indian, is supervising the work.

      A contract for a complete waterworks plant and sewer system has been let by the town of Muskogee to Allen Block & Co., of St. Paul. The contract price is $171,924. The work is to be completed by June 15, 1903, and is the largest municipal contract ever let in Indian Territory.

      Oatha A. Smith and William W. Ward of Maysville., Ark., and Archibald I. Ballard of Grove, I.T., have been nominated candidates for the office of member of the Cherokee legislature for the election on August 7 for a successor to Andrew Hyder.

      Chief Peter Woods, one of the prominent members of the Pawnee tribe of Indians, attempted to commit suicide at his home near Pawnee, be [sic] shooting himself in the breast. Ill health was the cause. Woods will die from his wounds.

      Richard Henry Smith, a prominent citizen of Tahlequah, died at that town of consumption. He was a son of ex-Chief Smith of the North Carolina Cherokees.

      A young stranger was killed near Waurika by the accidental discharge of a shotgun, which he was cleaning preparatory to going hunting.

      Moore Sterling, aged 19, was drowned at Fort Gibson while bathing. The young man was a member of a prominent Arkansas family.

United States Marshal Bennet, of the Western district, is raiding gambling places, arresting the gamblers and burning their devices.

Page 2, column 5

[Professional Cards (Ads) - called cards because the ads are like small business cards) ......]

C.F. Starr, Physician and Surgeon. Office between Main and Broadway on Second Street. All calls promptly answered. Hours: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tulsa ... Ind. Ter.

Dr. S. G. Kennedy. Office in Kennedy Building. Residence north of Public School Building. Tulsa, - Ind. Ter.

E. Calkins, Attorney at Law, and Notary Public. Tulsa - Indian Territory

A R Querry, Attorney At Law, Will practice before all courts of the Indian Territory. Commercial collections a specialty. Tulsa - Indian Territory.

R. S. Brumfield, M.D., Physician and Surgeon, Fry, Ind. Ter. Special attention given to diseases peculiar to women and children.

R E Lynch. Notary Public. Mortgages, Deeds and all other documents acknowledged and application for Marriage Licenses attended to promptly.>

<Boxed Ad] - Shackle Drug Co.

F G Seaman, Dentist Office upstairs over L Price's Harness Shop. Tulsa - Indian Territory.

Some Special Bargains In Business Property. Also best residence property in the city - The Crowell Addition - for sale by J. A. FRIEND, Office with Flowers Nelson Attorney.

[Ad] - Shackle Drug Co.

Page 3, column 1

[poem] - A singer of the Morning by F L Stanton, in Atlanta Constitution

Page 3, column 1-3

[story] - At the Eleventh Hour by Anne Shannon Monroe.

Page 3, column 4-5

[ads ...]

T J Wilson, Watchmaker and Jeweler, East Main St., Tulsa Ind. Ter. Watch Repairing a Specialty. Can Save You Money On Watches, Clocks, Jewelry and Silverware. Leave your Watch, Clock and repair work with me.

W O Strother Druggist

Livery, Feed and Sale Stable. Good Rigs A Specialty. Corner Second Street and Boston Avenue. Swindle Bros.

Tulsa Meat Market, Wallace & Co Proprietors. Buyers and Dealers in Hogs and Cattle. Fish and Game of all Kinds in Season. Fresh Meats and Fancy Groceries. Premium Breakfast Bacon, Empire Breakfast Bacon, Winchester Breakfast Bacon, Salt Bacon, Sweet Pickle Bellies, Plain Skinned Hams, Sugar, Flour, Coffee and Teas, Fancy Canned Goods, Dried Fruit of all kinds, Heinz's Pickles. We will buy produce of all kinds.

Harness Shop. I have one of the best equipped Harness and Saddle Shops in the Territory. I carry a full line of - Harness, Saddles, Lap Robes, Whips, In fact everything to be found. First Class harness shop. L. Price, On the East Corner Main and 4th St. Tulsa, Ind. Ter

Wanted. All your Poultry, Eggs, Hides, Furs, Bees-wax, Pecans and Feathers. Pay the Highest market Price in Cash. J. E. Mills.

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