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 The Indian Republican
Tulsa, Indian Territory
Vol. 11. No. 10 Whole Number 496.
August 8, 1902 (Part 2

Issues on the Microfilm jump from Jun 4, 1900 to this issue.

Abstracted / Transcribed by Linda Haas Davenport

When the print is so faded that it cannot be read <.....> will be used . All transcription will be as found in the paper, misspellings and all

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 PLEASE NOTE! This newspaper is now 12 pages long. For this first issue I'll touch on almost everything in the paper - in future issues I'll only transcribe items of local interest.

Page 4

The Indian Republican. Published every Friday. Blakey & Smith, Editors and Publishers. Entered at the Post Office at Tulsa, Ind. Ter. as second class matter for transportation through the mails. A Dollar A Year In Advance.

[articles .... ]

      The Federal government owes the five tribes of Indian Territory in funds held in trust and treaty liabilities the sum of $8,941,693.72, and interest on invested funds to the amount of $57,22.96 making a total of $9,398,651.96 .....

      [article about the Frisco railroad]

      Wash. Aug 6 - Harry Tracy, the noted outlaw and desperado, who has terrorized and almost subjugated the state of Washington is dead ....

extra rod for road width secured by Mr. Martin Williams of Kansas ... roads in the Creek Nation

      Chief Porter stated that he would now being issuing deeds immediately ...

      Santa Barbara Cal., Aug 1 - ...
four severe shocks of earthquake were felt in the Los Alamos valley ....

[4 column ad - top half of page] Archer Hardware Co.

Page 5

[National News - short jokes, etc.,]

[2 column boxed ad] - Tulsa Photographic Art Studio. TO THE PUBLIC: I have purchased the Hall gallery. Having completed a four-year Photographical Course in the Illinois College of Photography, coupled with three years studio practice, am capable of doing any Photographical business. ALL WORK GUARANTEED. Young man, now is the time to get a fine picture of yourself and sweetheart. Mothers, bring in the babies. They will soon grow large, and then no baby-picture. Everybody come in and see my sample Photos, Picture Jewelry, Buttons, Enlargements, etc., even if you are not yet ready to have the work done. R R REDMON, Photographer. Have Every Facility for View Work.

[ad] - Philip L Patrick, Physician and Surgeon. Office over L. Price's harness shop with Dr Seaman, dentist. Tulsa, Ind. Ter.

[ad]- DRESSMAKING... Mrs. G W Henry and Miss Maggie Calhoun solicit the Patronage of the ladies of Tulsa and vicinity. Sewing left with us will receive prompt attention.

[ad]- Have Elevator Ready. And are prepared to handle the new crop. New dump scales added and everything arranged for the convenience of the farmer. We want to buy your wheat. You will find it to your interest to see us before selling. Oswego Grain Co. P L Price, Manager

      Through the local exchange here to the various towns numerated in the list below. Call up Central and ask regarding tolls.
[List of the towns on the phone exchange]

Page 5 column 5

[Business Directory]

Architect and Builder - Smith, W.I., bds at Hake's Hotel.

Banks - City National Bank, Cor. Main and 1st St.

Barber Shops - Rowlin, F F, Main St

Blacksmith and Repair - Ray, H. L., South 1st St

Cigar Factory - Fox, M.E., South 1st St

Contractor and Brick Mfg - Bradley, J.S., 1/2 mile SE P.O.

Druggists - Shackle Drug Co, Main St; W O Strother, Main St; Tulsa Drug Co, Main St

Dray and Transfer Line - Clark, S W, Main Street

Elevators - Brinson Judd Grain Co, One block west of Depot. F W Cleveland Mrg.; Oswego Seed and Grain Co, Elevator one block east of Depot, P L Price, Mgr

Flour and Feed - Fry, W C & Son's - First

Farm Implements - Stansbery, Lon R, Main St

Furniture and Undertaker - Truttman, J., East Tulsa

Flour Mill - Rea & Read, South First St

General Merchandise - Byunm, R N, South First Street; Hall, J M & Co, Main Street; Holland & Winterringer, So 1st St; Tulsa Shoe and Dry goods Co., S 1st St

Groceries, Flour and Feed - Hake, E F., South First Street; Parlor Grocery, Main St; Swain, A L, South 1st St; Jones & Paquin, Corner So 1st and Boston Ave

Hardware, Crockery, Furniture - Archer Hardware Co, Main St

Hotels - Crabb, South First Street; Planters, Main St; Walker, West of Depot

Ice Plant - Crystal Ice Co, G W Bell, Mgr, Detroit Ave

Livery, Feed and Sale Stables - Mathewson & Antle, Stone Barn, South Second St; Ririe, C., J G Jones, Mgr, Boston Ave

Lawyers - A Lawyer, Querry A R, Opera House Block

Lumber, Sash and Doors - Dickason-Goodman-Smiley Lumber Co, Main St; M A Quillin Lumber Co, Cor. So Second and Detroit Ave

Meat Markets - Morrison, G C & Co, South 1st Street; Wallace, W R & Co., Main St

Newspapers - Democrat, South 2nd St; Republican, Main Street

New and Second Hand Store - Dickson, T., South First St

Photographs - Redmon, R R, Over Postoffice

Real Estate - J A Friend & Co., Main Street; National Realty Co, South First St.

Soda Water Mfg - Tulsa Bottling Works, So First St

Wagon Factory and Blacksmith - Star Wagon Works, Main St

Watchmaker and Jeweler - Pittman, G.W., Main Street

[ad]- S W Johnson, Dealer in Staple and Fancy Groceries and Feed. Free Delivery>

[ad] - Wilson & Stevenson, dentists, office in the Forsythe building, are prepared to do the finest class of dental work. Crown and bridge work a specialty. Teeth extracted without pain. All work done by us guaranteed.>

[ad] - W Albert Cook, M.D., Eye Ear, Nose and Throat Specialists. Office over Turner's Store. Tulsa, Ind. Ter. Glasses Correctly Fitted and Furnished.>

Page 6, column 1

PASSING OF INDIAN'S RELIGION by Chas. Gibson in Eufaula Journal [article]

[ad]- W O Strother, druggist

Page 6, column 2


BANDIT TRACEY HEARD PRESS - Spokane, Wash., Aug 1 ... Harry Tracy [article]

Page 6, column 1 & 2

[boxed ad] - Amigo $3.00. For a well dressed man who wants to be economical, no shoes will give better service and afford more comfort than our famous "Amigo" $3.00 Shoe for men. RICEUR $3.50. While the construction of both the Rigeur and Amigo shoe is the best that skilled workmanship and good material can produce, the extra trimmings that add expense to a high priced shoe, makes the Rigeur a bargain at $3.50. Sold by WILLIAMSON BROS.

Page 6, column 3

[ad] - Chills & Fever ... patent medicine ad

THE ONE-MAN NEWSPAPER ... [article] about Gormer Davies

[ad]- MK&T Railroad>

Page 6, column 4 & 5

[boxed ads spanning two columns .....]

I have the most complete stock of Furniture, Coffins and Caskets In the Territory, which I will sell at a profit of 5 per cent on the Dollar. IF ANYONE DOUBTS THIS WILL SHOW CATALOG AND PRICE LIST TO CONVINCE CUSTOMER. UNCLE JOE TRUTTMAN.

FIRST NATIONAL BANK. General Banking Business Transacted. Accounts of Merchants, Farmers and Cattle Men solicited. Business entrusted to us will receive prompt attention. Correspondence Invited. Directors: W E Halsell; L Appleby; B F Colley; Jay Forsythe; J H McBirney; Oliver Bagby; J O Hill; President - W E Halsell; Vice-Prest. L Appleby; Cashier B F Cooley

Bread, Pies, We Wish to inform the public that we have secured the services of an expert BAKER And from now on can fill any and all orders for Bread and pastries. AMERINE BROS. Fruits, Cakes

Courteous Treatment. Prompt Delivery. New Meat Market. Just Opened. Where will be found at all times Fresh and Cured Meats of the Best Quality. Beef, Pork, Mutton, Veal, Sausage, Bologna, Dressed Poultry, Lard, Cured Meats Situated on 1st Street Between Main and Boston. First door east of Brady's new brick. Phone 77. G C MORRISON & CO

Page 7, column 1

      Okmulgee, July 28 - One of the most desperate battles the marshals of Indian Territory every encountered took place last Saturday night when marshal Bennett and deputies went to a stomp dance for the purpose of arresting several fullbloods who were congregated there and were drinking and fighting.
       When Marshal Bennett and his posse got to the grounds they attempted to arrest the men as peaceable as possible, but it seems that the Indians did not want to be arrested and showed fight. The marshal and his posse went in and took nine men, who were armed and who showed a desperate fight. One fullblood was shot by Deputy Thompson. The Indian was in the act of shooting a marshal when Deputy Thompson fired.
       Those who were captured were brought to Okmulgee Sunday, and in the absence of a jail or calaboose were chained to trees in the capital yard. They are fullblook and members of the snake band.
       They were given a preliminary hearing by Commissioner Moore and bound over to the September grand jury.

      The Shawnee Red Fork Railway & Coal Company has been purchased by the Rock Island management. The deal was consummated late Saturday ngiht, the consideration being about $25,000. The assets sold consist of a charter, franchise, right-of-way and leasses on about 10,000 acres of mineral land. The line is ninety miles long, extending from Shawnee O.T., and its terminus if Red Fork, I.T. The negotiations on the part of the Rock Island was conducted by F C Mason, of Des Moines, attorney,
Page 7, column 2
 and J A Stewart, of Kansas City, general Southwestern, passenger agent of the Rock Island route. The papers have been signed and delivered. The line will be completed at once from Shawnee to Red Fork. - Red Fork Derrick.

      Another bloody quarrel such as frequently occur in the Creek National happened not far from Stroud on Monday. It seems that the parties who participated in the affray had gotten into a dispute over a lease, and when words were no longer an adequate medium they resorted to shooting irons in order to lend emphasis to the argument.
       The men who thus sought to add a little excitement to the dull season and play "Wild West" were Guthrie and Hicks. In some way Hicks had gained possession of a lease that Guthrie wanted. On Monday Guthrie met Hicks and in very forcible and convincing language made known his demand. Hicks replied in the same manner, and Guthrie, determined to go his opponent one better, drew his revolver and proceeded to make a target of Hicks. The latter gentlemen then gave an exhibition of his marksmanship and Guthrie was grazed on his right arm and neck, by bullets. Then Hicks sought the peaceful retreats of the wilds along the lower course of Deep Fork and has not been heard of since. Guthrie's hurts are not serious. - Stroud Star

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