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 The Indian Republican
Tulsa, Indian Territory
Vol. 11. No. 10 Whole Number 496.
August 8, 1902 (Part 3

Issues on the Microfilm jump from Jun 4, 1900 to this issue.

Abstracted / Transcribed by Linda Haas Davenport

When the print is so faded that it cannot be read <.....> will be used . All transcription will be as found in the paper, misspellings and all

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 PLEASE NOTE! This newspaper is now 12 pages long. For this first issue I'll touch on almost everything in the paper - in future issues I'll only transcribe items of local interest.

 Page 7

[rest of page is very large ads ......]

Hello Central! Give me No. 52. Tulsa Meat Market. Wallace & Co Props. East Main St. Fine Groceries and Meats. Leaders in Good Things to Eat

Tulsa Drug Co - Phil E. Ott, Manager - next door to J M Hall & Co

Page 8 columns 1 & 2

[ad] - Stone Livery Barn. Good Rigs and Courteous Treatment. Give us a Part of Your Trade. Phone No. 12. Mathewson & Antle

[ad] - Have Moved To north room of Johnson & Eaton building, better known as the old Hall Store. Alder, The Harness Man.

Page 8 columns 1

The Cherryvale, Oklahoma & Texas
railroad has been granted
a territorial charter ...

      In a few weeks, the people of the Chickasaw Nation will hold their election and elect their governor for the next two years. It will probably be the last governor the people of that nation will ever elect, as the affairs of the nation are almost sure to be wound up in that time and the Chickasaw people will be much better off.

Page 8 columns 2
Many a woman's dream that began with a coach and four has ended with a washtub.

[patent medicine ads]

Page 8 columns 3

[short little articles reprinted from other papers around the territory]

Methodist Church Directory.
      Located one block north of railroad on Main Street. Church membership 182; Sabbath school at 10 a.m.; Preaching at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.; Junior League at 3 p.m. every Sabbath; Epworth League at 7 p.m. every Sabbath; Prayer Meeting every week; Ladies' Aid Society meets Thursdays at 2 p.m.; Bachelor Girl's Club meets Wednesdays at 2 p.m. at the home of Mrs. J. D. Seaman. - J D Vace, pastor

[ad] - The National Realty Company, of Tulsa, will make loans on any kind of good security, at reasonable rates of interest. Houses rented and property handled on commission.

[boxed as spanning columns 3-5] Rea & Read Mill and Elevator Co., Manufactures of Dinner Party, Rich and Rare, and Indianola Flour

Page 8 columns 4

      The people of Okmulgee held a mass meeting and asked that Dwight W Tuttle and H C Linn, of the Creek townsite committee be removed for incompetency. The resolution was wired to President Roosevelt at Oyster Bay.

      Is directed to the fact that I have sold my drug stock, and parties indebted to me will confer a favor by leaving the amount with the present management at my old stand. Respectfully P. E. Coyne.

[ad]- Mutton and veal at the New Meat Market. Phone 77

      In the United States court in the Indian Territory, Western District. Bell Cooper, plaintiff, vs. Peter Cooper, defendant. The defendant Peter Cooper, is warned to appear in this court within thirty days, and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Belle Cooper. Witness, the Honorable Charles W. Raymond, Judge of said court, and the seal thereof, this the 22nd day of July, A.D., 1902, at Muskogee, Ind. Ter. R P Harrison, Clerk, By A Z English, Deputy. E. Calkins, attorney for plaintiff. A R Querry, attorney for non-resident defendant.

In the United States court for the Indian Territory, Northern district, sitting at Vinita, I.T. Ratcliff-Halsell Grocery Co, vs. E K Frazier. The defendant, E K Frazier, is warned to appear in this court within sixty days and answer complaint of the plaintiff, Ratcliff-Halsell Grocery Co. Witness the Honorable Joseph A Gill, Judge of sid court and the seal thereof at Vinita, I.T., this 19th day of July, A.D. 1902. Chas. A Davidson, Clerk, by P.M. Ford, Deputy, A R Querry, Mellette & Smith, attorneys for the plaintiff. H E Abby, attorney for non-resident defendant.

[ad] - If you want a hack, buggy or surry call at Kallam Implement co., Car load just received.

If a man finds that marriage is a failure he puts it all in his wife's name.

Page 8 columns 4

[national ads]

Page 9 columns 1

      The New Meat Market. Phone 77.
      W T Brady and daughter, Miss Ruth, are visiting relatives in Kensington, Georgia this week.
      The Zenith Musical Club have postponed their meeting this month from the 3r to the 4th Friday.
      Good fruit cans at E J Hines, the tinner.
      Mrs. Marilla Friend and daughter, Mrs. F G Seaman, attended the Morran-Lawrence nuptials at Okmulgee last week.
      I want your fat cattle and hogs. C B Hamilton.
      Rev J D Voce assisted in the protracted meeting at Catoosa Monday and Thursday of this week.
      Mrs. Wm G Williamson left Sunday on a visit to relatives at Neosho, Mo. She will be absent a month or six weeks.
      Wilson & Stevenson, dentists. Crown and bridge work a specialty. Office in opera house building.
      Carrol Moran and Miss Hattie Lawrence were married at Okmulgee last week. Carrol is well known in Tulsa, having grown to young manhood in this city.
      Wanted - A first-class milch cow that is fresh or will be soon. E L Essley, Cor. 4th St and Boulder Ave.
      Miss Flora and Master Charles Baber are in the city on a visit to Mr and Mrs R R Hall. They now reside at Coffeyville, Kansas.
      Sam J Turk and wife, of Los Angeles, California, are in the city on a visit to Mrs J J Brackney and Mrs J W Hatley, sisters of Mr. Turk.
      Wilson & Stevenson, dentists. Teeth extracted without pain. Office in opera house building.
      Rev M F Stamper and Rev G W Hyronymus, of Fillmore, Ky., arrived in Tulsa yesterday on a visit to the families of E. Stamper and J Stamper.
      Miss Margaret Reeves expects to leave this week for Salt Lake City, returning by way of Canon City, Colorado, where she will spend several months.
      Breakfast bacon, county bacon and pure kettle rendered lard at New Meat Market.
      The Tulsa Baseball team went to Claremore yesterday to cross bats with the nine at that place. They will also match another game with the same team today.
      Wanted - A first-class milch cow that is fresh or will be soon. E L Essley, Cor. 4th St and Boulder Ave.
      The Junior League at the M.E. Church will give an ice cream social at the home of Mr and Mrs O G McAdams next Friday evening from 2 until 6 p.m. Everybody cordially invited.
[three column boxed ad] - W O Strother - Tulsa Drug Co
 Page 9 column 2
      On Sunday, August 24th, at Catoosa the Woodman of the World will unveil the monument at the grave of Wm J Jackman and an invitation is extended the camp at this place to attend in a body.
      On September 8 the Tulsa Public School intend to begin the fall term. In the meantime construction on the two new rooms will be rushed to a rapid completion. It is the intention to have a nine month school.
      Leave your order for coal at F E Turner's. Smith Bros.
      Considering the amount of stuff a circus brings to town, it is remarkable that something is not forgotten in the hurry of departure. But every boy has gone to the circus grounds early in the morning after circus day, expecting to find something, and been disappointed.
      George B McDowell a printer at Bristow, died from the effects of an over dose of morphine last week. McDowell was a cocaine fiend, and being unable to get cocaine resorted to morphine as a substitute, which caused a rupture of a blood vessel of his brain. Deceased was about 29 years old.
      Native lumber can be had by seeing W M Wilson at his dental office.
      The Surprise Clothing Co. has just received three handsome plate glass show cases, six tables, a settee and a cashier's desk for their clothing store. This new furniture adds much to the general appearance of the interior furnishings and is among the prettiest in the town. The Surprise is doing a good business and the new fixtures is only in keeping with the up-to-date ideas of the manager.
      Towards the end of summer, as the enervating effects of the heated term are felt most strongly, it is really the best season of the year for on [sic] outing in the mountains. There are numbers of resorts in the Ozark Mountains where an enjoyable and healthful time may be had at very little cost. Of course the largest among these is Eureka Springs, with its added attraction, the recently opened Crescent Hotel; but there are many other resorts among the Ozarks where one can pleasantly pass the time. A new illustrated booklet, entitled "Resorts along the Frisco System" has just been issued. It gives one a very good idea of what is to be found at each resort, and will be mailed to any address upon application to the Passenger Traffic Department, Frisco System, Saint Louis.

      The stewards and Ladies Aid Society of the M.E. Church will hold their "dollar social" at the church next Friday night, August 8th. A literary program is being prepared consisting of music and recitations, and a pleasant evening is guaranteed all who attend. Come out at 8:30 and hear how each and every one earned their dollar.

Page 9 columns 3-5

[very large boxed ad] We are now wide open for business, having just finished the remodeling of J. M. Hall's old place of business, have now filled the building from top to bottom with bran new FURNITURE. Everything that it takes to make home nice and pleasant, we have - furniture suitable for the rich and poor. A nice line of Matting, Linoleum, Rugs and Window Curtains, also Sewing Machines. Later on will add a nice line of Pianos and Organs. We buy our goods direct from the factory in car lots, hence we are able to meet any competition far and near. We cordially invite the people of Tulsa and surrounding country to call in and make us a visit, take a rest and cool off and get our prices and then you will see there is nothing saved by sending off for any of our line of goods. P.S. -- We also carry a complete line of Undertakers' goods and are willing at all time sto comply with your wishes. Our Motto is "Live and Let Live" Yours truly and respectfully, Johnson & Eaton.

Page 9 column 3

      The week just drawing to a close has been one of varied attractions in Tulsa. On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday the emancipation celebration at the fair grounds attracted quite a number of the colored people from near by vicinities, and there "was a hot time in the old town" the entire time. Wednesday Hough & Huston's dog and pony show gave two creditable performances and yesterday Clark's show pitched their tents in our midst and filled a date advertised several days in advance. The town has been full of people and doubtless these attractions was the means of bringing them in.

Page 9 column 4

      This society met with Mrs. Crutchfield Friday, August 1st.
       Though the weather was like unto the Torrid zone, yet about half past three o'clock the buggies were seen crowding their way up the lane from town. A little after four all were safely ensconced in the shady yard and porches of Mrs. Crutchfield's hospitable. After the business meeting and weekly collection, which amount to a nice little sum, was over, Miss Clara Moore went to the piano and assisted by the ladies sang some beautiful songs. Very soon time for refreshments came. First came fruits fresh from the orchard, grapes, peaches, apples and occasionally a glass of ice water. Next was coffee and doughnuts. The doughnuts seemed to melt in one's mouth they disappeared so rapidly. The writer and a friend thought to take a peep into the culinary department, and Lo! there was Mrs. Joe Barker assisting the home folks frying to a turn the nice brown crullers, smiling so pleasantly and chatting so merrilly that it made us forget it was July. A more genial society I never met. All seemed to vie with each other who should be the most entertaining.
     All too soon the shadows began to lengthen. Each one seemed to realize that one more afternoon both of profit and pleasure was about over. The writer felt more regret perhaps than any of the others, because when the next meeting comes at Mrs. Brady's she will not, in all probability, be in Tulsa, but wishing this society all the success that its most sanguine members could hope for, I must say "Au Revoir."

      The Ladies Aid Society of the Christian church will hold their handkerchief bazaar in the rooms of Marr's Commercial College tomorrow (Saturday) afternoon and night. Handkerchiefs for everybody. You are invited.

      M C Wilbanks wishes to inform the public that the property directly north of the M.E. Church South, is not for sale, and that R A McKim who has been trying to dispose of same has no right or claim to it. You are hereby warned to not bargain for the property before consulting Mrs. Dora Wilbanks.

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