Dec 1948

If you know the names of the people I'm missing or if I've made a mistake please let me know. I pulled out all my old yearbooks but mine start with 51-52. Does anyone have the yearbook for this year or a photo of the other class? I can't remember if this is the morning or afternoon class. (It's tough to get old)


Class Photo


Front Row L-R: Tim Reel, ??, Larry Lloyd, Floyd Sloan, J.B. Supernaw, Judy Neely, Linda Ecker, Steve Snider, David Batterson, Buddy Harmon, Linda Hulsey, Karen Antel, ??, Margaret Brown, ??, Ronnie Dodd

2nd Row L-R: Donnie Rike, Veron Denson, Jerry Delozier, Joyce Graham, ??, Jean Wright, Pat Smith, Andy Wind, Doris Smith, Mariann Sullivan, J.B. Morgan, Ronnie Rike

3rd Row L-R: ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, Donna Wixon, Nolen Foster, Sandra Canfield, Emily Flick, ??, Robert Thornton, Linda Haas, Ronnie Lane

Back Row L-R: Linda Carnes, Jan Campbell, ??, ??, Robert Anderson, ??, ??, Susan Wolverton, Cecil Evans, ??, Verderine Smith, ??, ??, Doug Anderson, ??

Teachers: Ms. Horn & Ms McIntosh (perhaps? I simply don't remember do you?)

Dividing Line

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