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That was the headlines of an article that appeared in the Tulsa World Newspaper dated Friday, August 24, 1942. It was a very short announcement... but I'm sure that it meant a lot to those going to school there ... (especially the teachers). The article went on to say: "Installation of inside toilet facilities at Cherokee School in Turley is now underway, but the work probably will not be completed until the start of school, according to the officials of the school maintenance department. Tentative approval of plans for a disposal field at the school has been given by the state health department, it was announced." (Article was given to me by Sargent Watson, freshman class of 1957.)

So ... we can see here that none of the buildings had any indoor toilet facilities until around September 1942. That even included the new white-brick building constructed in 1934. From 1907 thru 1942, (35 years) without indoor plumbing. It just so happens that I have a photo of one of those old outdoor toilets. This was an old school group photo ... I noticed the old out door toilet in the background ... zoomed in on it and this is what you see.

Outside Toilet

Diagram of location of toilets

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