Monroe Junior High School
Class Play & Party
April 23 & 24, 1959

Dividing Line

The Sophomore Class Presents
"The Curious Savage"
By: John Patrick
Monroe Junior High Auditorium

Cast Members

Sharon Oden (Florence)

John Groom (Hannibal)

Joyce Sparks (Fairy)

Maurice "Chuck" Overall (Jeff)

Dana Callahan (Mrs. Paddy)

Sally Brannon (Miss Willie)

Charlynn Hon (Lily Belle)

Jim Williams (Titus)

Johnny Morris (Samuel)

Jim Doherty (Dr. Emmett)

Pam Badgwell (Mrs. Savage)


Production Staff

Sue Cross - Director

Linda Haas - Student Director



Sandra Canfield, Chairman

Mark Peterson, Chairman

Henry Bass

Ronald Phillips

Donna Jarrard

Buddy Harmon

Pat Stoffer

Austin Lillibridge


House and Program

Betty McDowell, Chairman

Charlene Lessley, Chairman

Betty Partain

Gloria Talley

Frankie Dare

Gary Buxton

Carol Taylor

Linda Atwell

Costume and Makeup


Patti Goshen, Chairman

Steve Snider, Chairman

Paula Capps

Ronald Lane

Joyce Graham


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