Monroe Junior High School
Class Play & Party
April 23 & 24, 1959

The Sophomore Class Presents
"The Curious Savage"
By: John Patrick
Monroe Junior High Auditorium

Clippings from The Northside News Newspaper

"The Curious Savage" By: John Patrick
     On Thursday and Friday, April 23, 24, the sophomore class of Monroe will present a three-act comedy entitled "The Curious Savage." The play takes place in "The Cloisters," a modern mental institution. It involves Mrs. Savage, a rich old woman who has decided to spend her money for some of the foolish things she's always wanted; her 3 children, the villains who have their mother committed to the institution in order to get their hands on the money; Dr. Emmett and Miss Willie, the staff at the Cloisters who figure greatly in the episodes; the five guests; Florence who had a son to died of the measles when he was five years old, Hannibal who fancies himself a great violinist, Fairy Mae who wants people to love her, Jeff who was wounded when his plan was shot down during the war and Mrs. Paddy who hasn't talked in 20 years. It's a hilarious comedy you won't want to miss.
     The cast includes: Sharon Oden as Florence; John Groom as Hannibal; Joyce Sparks as Fairy Mae; Chuck Overall as Jeff; Sally Brannon as Miss Willie; Dana Callahan as Mrs. Paddy; Jim doherty as Dr. Emmett; Jim Williams as Ittus; Charlynn Hon as Lilli Belle; Johnny Morris as Samuel; Pam Badgwell as Mrs. Savage; and Linda Haas is the student director.
     The play will be held Thursday and Friday, April 23 and 24, curtain time, 7:30 p.m. in the school auditorium. Tickets may be purchased at the door for 35c.

 News From Monroe. By Pam Badgwell

(a paragraph from Pam's column)

There was a large turn-out for the Sophomore play. "The Curious Savage," which was presented April 23 and 24. From all reports the play was really enjoyed by all. The cast and committees celebrated with a party afterwards on closing night.

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