Monroe Junior High School
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Clipping from The Northside News newspaper, May 1959

News from Monroe By: Pam Badgwell

     James Monroe's 201st birthday was celebrated in a big way last April 28. The Association of Students Affairs sponsored a Loyalty Day, with decorated halls and students and teachers dressed in the school colors, blue and white. There were sixteen homerooms who were 100% loyal. The sophomore class presented an assembly in honor of James Monroe. Those participating in the assembly were; Paula Capps, Diana Babbs, Dana Callahan, Mary Ann Morris, Sharon Oden, Smoque Knape, Jimmy Robison, Pam Badgwell and Mr. McKinney. The highlights of the assembly occurred when the president of the tenth grade, Sharon Oden, unveiled the oil painting of Monroe and presented it to the school. The seventh and 8th graders, not to be outdone, honored Monroe with a big tiered birthday cake.
     Now is the time! All ninth graders who plan on attending the banquet and dinner in their honor should pay their $1.50 to their homeroom treasurer.
     Members of the tenth grade class enjoyed a splash party and sock hop in the gym last Monday, April 27th. Practically everyone was there and had a wonderful time.
     The A.S.A. is sponsoring a record player, records and student disc jockeys for dancing in the north patio each day during the noon hour (11:15-12:40). This is going well although there are still a few shy guys (and girls) who just won't dance. Maybe we need dance instructors?
     There was a large turn-out for the Sophomore play. "The Curious Savage," which was presented April 23 and 24. From all reports the play was really enjoyed by all. The cast and committees celebrated with a party afterwards on closing night.
     The 1959 yearbook is back and the entire school is in an autograph signing dither.
     The winners of the Danforth and American Legion Awards was announced in assembly last Tuesday. The Danforth winners were: Jean Ann Groom and Clarence Cagle, and the American Legion was presented to Linda Palen & Gary Chambers. Everyone is extremely proud of these four freshmen.
     The third hour speech class presented an "It Could Be You" assembly on the 4th. There was fun and surprises for everyone in this unusual program.

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