1896 to 1907

Bob Cooper

Dividing Line

The community must have been growing by leaps and bounds for by 1907, another school began construction ... at the new Turley location, now 60th and North Peoria, (a two-story brick building ... two rooms up .. two rooms down).

Photo Cheroke School

The railroad began building northward from Tulsa in 1908 and finished it's construction in May 1912. By 1912, the photo below shows how much the community had grown in about 3 years. Photo taken from the northwestern corner .. facing southeast.

Long view of Turley

By 1920, the community had grown so much they built a High School Building. One year later the Gymnasium was built. Photo below shows the High School Building far left ... Gym in the middle .. and the old school building far end.

Photo Cherokee High School

They had their own Football Team known as the "Turley Tigers". Below is just one of the many photos taken of the teams during those years.

Photo Football Team

Below - Girls basketball team - 1924 state champions

Photo of team in bloomers

Below - Girls Basketball Team - 1932. (Hey .. notice the difference in those uniforms ... in less than 10 years. You came a long way baby!)

Photo of team in shorts

Dividing Line

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