Turley Oklahoma
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Dividing Line

This website is sponsored by the Turley Historical Association. The Association was formed to collect and preserve information pertaining to interesting historical events of the town, and to do suitable honor to those hearty pioneers who laid the foundation for our present happiness.

Cowboy and Indian on horseback shaking hands

Beginning with the Indian ...
then white man ...
now many races and cultures
Growing together in grace and harmony.
We are a proud community.

Dividing Line

Thank you for stopping by. I'm Linda Haas Davenport the new site manager for the Turley site. For several years Bob Cooper maintained this site and he has now passed it on to me. Please join me in a very special thanks to Bob for all of his hard work and his dedication to preserving the history of Turley. Bob gave me several boxes of Turley information and I'll be working on getting the contents on-line.

Enjoy your stay and come back often.


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