Old Road Names
Turley, OK

Contributed by Bob Cooper

Dividng Line

Traveling north out of Tulsa on Peoria -

36th Street was called GYPSY CORNER. Because that was the location of the Gypsy Oil Company

46th Street was called LOG CABIN CORNER. Because there was a two-story log building that housed a grocery and filling station. Owned and operated by the Caldwells.

56th Street was called KROOGER CORNER. Ed Krouger had a filling station on that corner. He also raised small Shetlin ponies.

66th Street (maybe someone can help me on this one)

76th Street was called CAMPBELL CORNER because of a home built at that location by the Campbell's. There were not any other homes on that street.

86th Street was called CYCLONE CORNER because a cyclone hit there and blew away a grocery store. The Grocery was rebuilt and was named Cyclone Grocery.

96th Street was called DEAD MAN'S CORNER because there had been so many fatal accidents there. That was years before a 1/2 mile curve was put in connecting Peoria with 96th Street North.


Dividing Line

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