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Most of us have memories (some good, some bad) of the place or places where we grew up or attended school. This section of the Turley site is for such memories. (My Tulsa site has a Memory Lane section if you'd like to get an idea of what this section can be like.) Have a memory you'd like to share? Send it along to me Linda

Dividing Line

Linda -  Ah, the memories of attending the Grotto Theater. I had my first "date" there (at the ripe age of 13). Well, actually my parents took me and his parents took him - but we did set together, although our parents made us set in front of them so they could keep an eye on us. The movie that night was "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" and gave us a valid reason to hold hands.

I learned to roller skate when I wasn't much more than a toddler. My parents both skated at Rainbow, and back when I was a kid baby-setters were only for rare occasions, which meant when my parents went skating so did I. When Rainbow closed many of us skated at the rink across from the Tulsa water reservoir. Does anyone remember its name?

I loved to go to Lakeview Amusement Park (I think that was the name) in Mohawk Park. I remember when my dad won me a Cupie Doll, a most desirable item when you're five, and how excited I was to show it off to my friends. I wonder when Lakeview closed?

Turley Hill was a place to spend the day - tramping all over the hill; first playing cowboys and Indians; later being great explorers and finally, as a teenager, as a place to "park."

I went to school at Cherokee and acquired a broken collarbone falling off the jungle gym. Dr. Short patched me up - as he did most people in Turley.

My friends and I alternated between attending the Sunday night Youth Group at Turley Methodist and Golden Hills Baptist Churches.

These are just a very few of the memories I have of growing up in Turley. I'm sure you have some also.  

Sandy Stephens Farney & Joe Farney - 2@sfarney.com This is Sandy Stephens Farney. Hope this finds you doing well.

Joe and I have been enjoying the "new" website for Turley. We wanted to offer some of our memories and maybe answer some questions you posted.

The roller rink across from the water reservoir at Mohawk Park, was named "The Wheel", owned by Paul Aldridge, who was Uncle to John Denver. Mr. Aldridge, also raised miniature Shetland ponies.

Mr. Aldridge's mother owned the original Lee's Bicycle Shop in downtown Tulsa, as well as other buildings downtown. The old roller rink has been closed for many years, however, our understanding is that many of the old bicycles that were rented to ride through Mohawk Park, original roller skates and parts (which he did his own repairs on site), are still remaining in the building. He lived in the home just to the west of the rink and we understand he is in a nursing home now, with other family members living in the home.

Lakeview Amusement Park was the name of the recreational area on the southeast corner of Mohawk Blvd. and Harvard Ave. In the center of the park, a large "laughing lady" mannequin sat in a glass box and had a very loud "laugh" that could be heard for quite a distance. Entrance into the amusement park was free and there was a small charge for rides, which included tilt-a-whirl, fun-house, ferris wheel, small roller coaster, merry-go-round, children's pedal cars, along with an arcade of games/venders. This was a big attraction along the way, as families enjoyed the area and perhaps a ride through and picnic in Mohawk Park. The Native American Pow-Wows were held at Lakeview Amusement Park originally and then moved to the larger area in the center of Mohawk Park, to accommodate the crowds. These were families and individuals from the north part of our county, however, it included many others, from all areas.

On the week-ends, Mohawk Blvd. would be extremely crowded, as families drove to Mohawk Park for family activities. Fishing at the water reservoir was a favorite activity and boats were allowed on the water until the 70s or 80s.

Hope these memories of ours help, as you gather information about our north Tulsa county area. - Sandy

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