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Apr 26, 2008: Wayne and Pat (Killingsworth) Cole are celebrating their 50th anniversary. Update on the Turley All School Reunion. See Reunions for more information on both.

Apr 1, 2008: The Turley website has a new home. Please update your bookmark to: http://www.tulsaokhistory.com/turley

Feb 23, 2008: Added a section on Monroe Junior High. Added 40th McLain Class of '61 photos. See Schools.

Feb 14, 2008: Updated information on the 2008 Turley All Class reunion and an invitation to all Teenation members. See Reunions

Aug 21, 2007 - Link to the Turley Children Home site - see Links.

Aug 19, 2007 - I haven't abandoned the Turley site, just been busy trying to get some books finished and to the publisher. I took a break from that chore today and put up some new things - see Memory Lane, see Photo Gallery for an update on Jack Nick's Gold Dowsing Pen, see History for a link to Bob Cooper's history of the Turley Water Dept, see Reunions for an update on the McLain Class of '61. Bob also has a new site for "Interesting Stuff" and Bill Nourse has a site honoring his brother, Steve, a Turley boy - see Links. A new page of "Queries & Questions" is up.

Dec 20, 2006 - The Turley site moved from its old location to this one. Bob Cooper (who for many years maintained the site) decided he'd rather research and write articles for the site and passed it along to me. The site has a new look and some new things have been added. Browse around a bit.

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