Dudley J Britton

Contributed by Bob Cooper

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Born 23 April 1917, in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Dudley moved to Turley with his parents in 1920. Began school at Turley in 1921. Graduated from Turley High School in May 1933. Joined the U. S. Army in 1939, as a buck private. Fought in 3 wars and was highly decorated during World War Two. Honorably discharged in 1974, after serving 35 years of service. Highest rank attained, Colonel. Upon retirement from the U. S. Army, he came back to live in Turley. Was active in every organization the town had to offer plus several in Tulsa. Collected guns and sponsored several gun shows. Passed away on 8 January 1992. Dudley was one of the most unforgettable person I have ever known.


School photo taken of Dudley,
11th grade class

Photo taken of retired Dudley 1981

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