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Contributed by Bob Cooper

Dividng Line

In 1987, Rose Anna (Nick) McCormick, a long time resident of Turley, brought me a gold dowsing pen that belonged to her father, John Nick. John Nick had several interests, among which was his love of prospecting for gold. I immediately took a photo of it (below). Don't ask me how it is suppose to work. (Bob Cooper)

Maybe I can help Bob out. Dowsing is an ancient practice where someone (called a Dowser) holds either two sticks (or rods) or an object on a string and walks along searching for whatever it is they want to find - water, minerals, oil, metal, etc. When the thing they are searching for is found the sticks cross or the object on the string begins to circle. This pen has a cord threaded through the end so this would be a dowsing device that would circle when, in this case, gold was located. (Linda)

Been looking at the site and noticed the dowser. Back in the late 50's we had a gold hunter (could have been Nick) that wanted to search on Dad's land for gold that legend says the Dalton brothers had buried there. He had a dowser similar to the one pictured and searched two or three days. Not long afterwards he came in with a bulldozer and started digging into the side of a hill that separated the sand bottom from the upper 40 acres. He had gotten about 8 foot deep when he backed out, loaded up and drove off. Upon investigation we saw that he had hit the City of Sperry's water main. Not quite gold. BTW during my last walk of the property, 3 or 4 years ago, the hole was still there. (Dennis Wilson)

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