Nannie Lewis

Contributed by Bob Cooper

Dividng Line

In August 2002, I received an email from Joseph Cook. Joseph informed me that he was the descendant of the Lewis family that lived in Turley. His Great Great Grandparents were Lewis and Checonel Lewis. Great grandparents were James and Sallie Lewis. Their children were: Nannie, Jefferson, Runabout, David, Bird, Thompson, Jacob, and his grandmother Elsie Frances. In 1987, while attending an "Old Timers Dinner" in Turley, I went around taking photos of all the old timers that were still around. Following is a photo of Nannie (who would be Joseph's Great Aunt). David (the one shown as selling 20 acres to the Turley Improvement Company in 1911), would be Joseph's Great Uncle. This is a great piece of Turley History and I appreciate Joseph Cook sending it to me.

Dividing Line

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