The Snake Man
Theodore Schultz

Contributed by Bob Cooper

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"The Snake Man" - that is what everyone called him. His real name was Theodore Schultz and he loved to play with snakes. Not just any kind of snakes ... but rattlesnakes. He would book up with various schools throughout Oklahoma and put on 'educational' shows. The photo below was taken from one of his advertisements. There was a time when he would put on 'donkey ball games'. He had about 5 donkeys and he would haul them around in an old school bus. He would go to various towns in Oklahoma and book groups to play baseball against each other as a fund raiser. He was good at it. Theodore worked for a circus in his early days and knew how to swallow swords and eat fire. He was not born in Turley ... didn't go Turley School ... but he lived most of his adult live in Turley. A most unforgettable character.


Photo holding large snake

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