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 Have a question you'd like to ask? Someone you'd like to locate? Let me know and I'll post it here along with any answers. If you answer someone direct please cc me so I can add your answer. Thanks. Linda

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Question: Hi Linda, I found this website thru a search for Turley, Ok. I live off of Trenton and 66th St. N. Close to the 66th St. store. I have an unusual structure and I am trying to research the history on it. It has a flat roof and it looks like it could have been a general store or a feed store. I am needing to find out what this used to be. It part of the old Phillips Farms Addition. It was built in 1935. I was looking at the map of the old saw mill and its real close to where the x is where the photo was taken. I would love to find anyone who could tell me about my house. I am sure it does not look like it did in 1935. It has a porch on the front now. If anyone knows could you please let me know. Thanks, Michelle Heath Creationsbydeoro@aol.com

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Question: I am inquiring about a list of teachers and principals of the Turley "Cherokee" School. I have been told that my grandfather helped establish the Turley School and taught there. I have not been able to verify that. Would you have a list of the teachers and principal from the initial years of the school? My grandfather's name was William Harlan Sandusky. Thank you for your help in search. Eleanor Sandusky Hilligoss 1954sandman@sbcglobal.net

Question: Hello, can you tell me if there is a newspaper in Turley at I can put an ad in. I own the church building located at 5920 North Owasso, right behind the Turley tag agency. I am selling that property. It can be used for a lot of things, not necessarily a church. We have lots of office space, rooms and a Huge fellowship hall beside the church building. Thank you for any information you can supply. Cheryl A. Wade - Pastor calledtoserve@cox.net

Question for someone from the Class of '61: Hello Linda, Haven't spoke to you in a long while. I would pray that God is blessing you and yours... Linda, I have been trying to find out who made our senior rings? I lost mine during an insertion in Nam and have always wanted to get another, just for the sake of having one. Would you have any idea of how I could contact the jeweler? I am still riding the highways and byways on my old Harley, preaching to them, the heathens. I'm one of them. I have an old website that I think is still up if you care to hear what's changed in my life. www.bikersoffaithministries.com. Thanks, still love ya. preacher don (Don Allen, class of '61)

Question: Does someone have a paid subscription to classmates.com? I noticed Pete Ogle has signed in for the McLain Class of '61 and I'd like his address. Linda.

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